ICSI Developed A Bluetooth USB Dongle Reference Design
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ICSI Developed A Bluetooth USB Dongle Reference Design

ICSI, Integrated Circuit Solution Inc. (TAIEX:5473), a leading fabless IC design house, today announced that it has successfully developed a Bluetooth USB dongle reference design which allows electronic devices to become Bluetooth-enabled. This reference design will be of great help to its customers who do not have Bluetooth technology backgrounds for this wireless market.

The ICSI low cost, high performance Bluetooth USB dongle reference design is based on ICSI’s IC9000, a highly integrated point-to-multipoint Bluetooth solution, that combines USB plug-and-play and embedded Bluetooth functionality, is a solution for the user to easily address those "add-on" products such as desktops, laptops and a variety of peripherals with USB host ports to have Bluetooth capabilities by linking with this Bluetooth USB dongle. This reference design includes USB dongle PCB layout, protocol stack and profile, hardware/firmware under HCI, a testing environment for production and debugging tools for developing.

“The plug-and play Bluetooth USB dongle can drive this Bluetooth market by making everyone to have Bluetooth-enabled connectivity at a very competitive cost,” said Jiin Lee, VP of Logic R&D, ICSI. “Through ICSI’s reference design and complete technical support, all of our customers, even to those who do not have any Bluetooth technology background, can easily gain access to this Bluetooth market with ICSI’s mature Bluetooth technology assistance. ICSI can even help customers pass the Bluetooth qualification- included in our field service.”

Advantage of ICSI Bluetooth USB Dongle Reference Design
  1. Cost-effective - This reference design is based on ICSI’s IC9000, the cost-effective IC that uses Turbo 8052 as its embedded CPU and is qualified to Bluetooth 1.1 specification.
  2. Multi-choices of Bluetooth protocol stack
    Two solutions available for customers to choose – WIDCOMM or ESI
  3. USB dongle PCB layout available - Providing customers complete USB dongle PCB layout including antenna and RF chip

About IC9000
IC9000 is a highly cost-effective Bluetooth baseband and link management controller chip that has been qualified to the Bluetooth BQB certification by TUV in May 2002. Adopting Turbo 8052 as its core design with embedded 128KB mask ROM and 32KB SRAM, providing USB/UART’s HCI and PCM interfaces and multiple RF power control function interfaces, is a more flexible and highly cost-effective Bluetooth solution. IC9000 operates the full Bluetooth data rate at 723 Kpbs (kilobytes per second) (DH5 packet), supports up to 7 ACL links and up to 3 SCO (synchronous connection oriented) voice channels in a piconet, and supports master-slave role switching and park, sniff and hold modes to meet the low power consumption application needs.

About ICSI
ICSI, Integrated Circuit Solution Inc., a high performance memory and SOC design house, listed among the worldwide top 15 SRAM suppliers (source: Dataquest 2002) and Taiwan’s leading SRAM supplier. Among its products, ICSI has received “The 10th Silver National Award of Excellence” from the R.O.C government in 2002 for 3.3V high speed Asynchronous SRAM series, and was the third semiconductor company to win this award in the past 10 years.

ICSI was founded in Taiwan in 1990, formally announced a spin-off from ISSI in 1998, and had an initial public offering in Taiwan in 2001. ICSI provides a broad range of high-performance Integrated Circuits, which can be divided into two major groups: memory products and logic products. Memory products include: 1) SRAM’s – a. Asynchronous SRAM b. Synchronous SRAM c. Low-Low Power SRAM. 2) DRAM’s – a. EDO/FPM DRAM b. SDRAM. 3) Multi-Chip Package. Logic products include: 1) 6-in-1 Card Reader/Writer controller. 2) Camera card and CompactFlash� memory card controller. 3) USB Flash Disk MP3 Player controller. 4) Short-range wireless application ICs. 5) Flash Card Controller. 6) Micro Controllers – a. ROMLESS b. Mask c. e Flash. 7) ASIC Product Design Service – a. Turnkey Service b. IP Service c. ASIC/Physical layout Service. Visit the Company’s web site at http://www.icsi.com.tw

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