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Sanjay Gangal
Sanjay Gangal
Sanjay Gangal is the President of IBSystems, the parent company of, MCADCafe, EDACafe.Com, GISCafe.Com, and ShareCG.Com.

A New Era for Electric Vehicles: Silicon Mobility and Intel Lead the Charge

June 19th, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

The electric vehicle (EV) market is undergoing a revolution, driven by cutting-edge technologies that promise to reshape the automotive landscape. Two recent announcements from Silicon Mobility and Intel highlight the significant strides being made in EV innovation, with both companies unveiling new solutions that aim to enhance performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Silicon Mobility’s OLEA U310: A Leap Forward in EV Control

Silicon Mobility, a pioneer in advanced control solutions for automotive powertrains, has introduced the OLEA® U310, a groundbreaking Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU) designed to optimize the control of electric and hybrid vehicle powertrains. The OLEA U310 is poised to set a new standard in EV performance, combining high computational power with unprecedented flexibility.

The OLEA U310 is built on Silicon Mobility’s proprietary FPCU architecture, which integrates a powerful multi-core microcontroller with programmable logic. This unique combination allows for real-time processing capabilities that are essential for the sophisticated control algorithms required in modern EVs. By enabling precise control over the powertrain, the OLEA U310 helps improve energy efficiency, extend battery life, and enhance overall vehicle performance.

The new OLEA U310 system-on-chip is the only complete solution that combines hardware and software in one and is engineered to match the need for powertrain domain control in electrical architectures with distributed software. (Credit: Silicon Mobility, an Intel Company)

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Intel Sets New Paradigms in Enterprise AI with Launch of Gaudi 3 at Intel Vision 2024

April 11th, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

At Intel Vision 2024, under the leadership of CEO Pat Gelsinger, Intel demonstrated its strong commitment to transforming enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) with groundbreaking announcements and product launches. Highlighted by the unveiling of the Intel® Gaudi® 3 AI accelerator, the event showcased Intel’s comprehensive strategy to advance AI technologies in the enterprise sector. This strategy includes the development of open, scalable systems that facilitate AI operations across all segments, partnerships with industry giants to enhance ecosystem integration, and an aggressive push towards improving AI inference and power efficiency with cost-effective solutions. Pat Gelsinger’s vision for Intel marks a significant leap forward in the company’s quest to democratize AI technology and drive innovation across diverse industries.

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Shaping the Future: Navigating the Semiconductor Revolution with Synopsys

March 21st, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

At the Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) 2024 event, a gathering renowned for its deep dive into the semiconductor industry’s latest trends and technologies, attendees were treated to an exceptional dialogue between Synopsys CEO Sassine Ghazi and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. This year’s event, marking the 35th anniversary of SNUG, stood out not just for its celebration of past achievements but for its forward-looking perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The conversation between Ghazi and Huang, followed by Ghazi’s solo presentation, offered a comprehensive overview of the industry’s trajectory towards innovation, the accelerating influence of artificial intelligence, and the strategic importance of collaboration in overcoming the complexities of modern silicon design. 

Ghazi, stepping onto the stage as the first CEO following the industry’s longest serving CEO, Aart de Geus (1986-2024), highlighted Synopsys’ commitment to its user community. 

Synopsys CEO Sassine Ghazi and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

In a delightful anecdote shared by Jensen Huang during his appearance at the SNUG 2024 event, he recounted a moment from Nvidia’s early startup days that elicited laughter and admiration from the audience. Huang jokingly reminisced about the time when Nvidia, then a fledgling company operating out of a modest townhouse, decided to show its gratitude to Synopsys for their indispensable support by offering Synopsys 250,000 shares of Nvidia stock. With a mischievous glint in his eye, Huang humorously recounted, “Those stocks, once thought to be little more than a kind gesture, have since become akin to buried treasure. I heard through the grapevine that Synopsys has been on a bit of a treasure hunt, looking for those stock certificates!” This remark drew a wave of laughter from the audience, as it painted a comical picture of Synopsys rummaging through old drawers and files in search of what turned out to be a highly valuable asset, thanks to Nvidia’s astronomical success.

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EDACafe Industry Predictions for 2024 – Promex

January 31st, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

By Richard Otte, President and CEO, Promex Industries

Richard Otte,

The Miniaturization Revolution in Electronics

Embracing the Tiny Giants: How Smaller Electronics Are Reshaping Our World

In the realm of electronics and semiconductors, a silent revolution is underway, one marked not by the grandeur of size, but by the subtlety of miniaturization. This long-term trend toward smaller, more compact devices is not just a technological feat; it’s a transformation that has profound implications for how we interact with technology and the world around us.

Unpacking the Benefits: More Than Just Size Reduction

The journey toward miniaturization brings a plethora of benefits. As devices shrink in size, advances in technology allow more functionality into each cubic centimeter, enhancing their capability while occupying less space with lower power utilization. This evolution is evident in everyday gadgets like cell phones, which have evolved from bulky, single-function devices to sleek, multi-functional powerhouses.

Cost-efficiency is another significant advantage. Making devices smaller – and the resulting reduction in the amount of material required for device construction, coupled with lower manufacturing overhead –translates into lower costs per function. This economy extends to shipping, handling, and storage, where smaller devices mean less expenditure and more efficient use of space.
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EDACafe Industry Predictions for 2024 – Everspin

January 30th, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

By Sanjeev Aggarwal, Ph.D., President and CEO, Everspin

Sanjeev Aggarwal

  • Technological Innovations: “What major technological advancements or innovations do you foresee occurring in your industry in 2024, and how do you plan to adapt or lead in these areas?”
  • Market Trends: “How do you predict consumer behavior and market trends will evolve in 2024, and what strategies are you implementing to meet these changing demands?”
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration: “How do you envision the role and impact of artificial intelligence in your industry in 2024, and what steps is your company taking to integrate AI into its operations or offerings?”

There has never been a more exciting time to be in the semiconductor memory business. Innovation is required more than ever as it becomes clear that advances in computing at all levels are limited by memory performance. At the extreme performance boundary of AI acceleration for high-performance computing there will be broader adoption of high-bandwidth memory structures that provide wider I/O data busses to increase throughput and provide data to the multiple cores starving for data. Bus width of 1,024 with up to 9GT/s will give way to 2,048, bringing challenges to high-density memory providers to reduce micro-bump pitch and increase the density of TSVs to maintain the footprint in 3D SiP modules. This tends to drive the news in the memory industry, several other trends drive innovation as well.

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EDACafe Industry Predictions for 2024 – Solid Sands

January 29th, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

By Marcel Beemster, CTO, Solid Sands

Expect the use of the C++ standard library to increase for safety-critical applications in 2024

Marcel Beemster

What major technological advancements or innovations do you foresee occurring in your industry in 2024, and how do you plan to adapt or lead in these areas? What key market trends do you expect to see?

We expect there will be many more companies focusing on the safety of critical C++ applications – especially in sectors such as industrial, automotive, rail, medical, robotics, and aviation. There has never been a greater requirement for a well-developed programming language that emulates the performance levels of C whilst offering a superior degree of abstraction. This is because increasing numbers of safety-critical applications in 2024 will involve working with real-time data that is generated by many different types of sensors.

To get the best out of C++, a qualified C++ library is absolutely essential in safety-critical applications. Library qualification is important because code from the library is connected to the application and installed on the target device.

There are a number of factors that combine to drive the technology and enable its wider usage.

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EDACafe Industry Predictions for 2024 – Secure-IC

January 25th, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

By Hassan Triqui, Co-Founder, CEO and President,  Secure-IC

Hassan Triqui

Securing Tomorrow: A Vision for 2024 by Hassan Triqui, CEO of Secure-IC

In the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, Secure-IC is at the forefront of innovation and commitment to securing the digital future. As we step into the year 2024, it is imperative to reflect on the dynamic shifts in technology, market trends, and the profound integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within the industry.

Technological Innovations: Leading the Charge in Embedded Cybersecurity

Secure-IC, founded in 2010, has been a stalwart in the embedded cybersecurity domain, leveraging 15 years of research from the esteemed “Télécom Paris” University. Our mission has been, and remains, to fortify the security of devices worldwide. Looking ahead to 2024, we foresee major technological advancements, particularly in the realms of automotive and smart mobility, defense and space, industry and factory automation, and many more.

The advent of the digital age has brought about a surge in connected devices, exposing us all to new and sophisticated threats. In response, Secure-IC has devised a unique approach called PESC—Protect, Evaluate, Service & Certify—supported by Supply, Deploy, and Manage, offering a comprehensive suite of security solutions. We are committed to adapting swiftly to these advancements, ensuring that our patented protection technologies continue to be embedded in millions of electronic chips across diverse sectors.

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EDACafe Industry Predictions for 2024 – Bluespec

January 24th, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

By Charlie Hauck, CEO, Bluespec Inc.

Charlie Hauck

The demand for custom silicon continues to rise. To meet this demand for greater design flexibility, companies are adopting silicon based on the open standard RISC-V architecture.

RISC-V is popular with developers for many reasons. Most notably, RISC-V’s popularity stems from its design freedom – allowing developers to tailor applications to their liking, thanks to its simplified base instruction set – and enables developers to avoid vendor lock-in. The collaborative ecosystem encourages developers to innovate alongside each other, spurring friendly competition which also encourages companies to push the boundaries of innovation.

In 2024, we expect to see RISC-V adoption grow more across vertical markets. While traditionally used to support embedded applications, RISC-V is now being used in applications in automotive, aerospace, consumer devices. We expect RISC-V will be used to support AI applications in the coming year as industries increase their use and reliance on advanced technologies. Generative AI applications, for example, require lots of computing power. RISC-V not only helps reduce the cost associated with running these applications, but efficiently does so compared to other architectures on the market. With Google leveraging RISC-V to support Android applications, we also expect to see more companies launching RISC-V-enabled gadgets like smartwatches.

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EDACafe Industry Predictions for 2024 – Lanza

January 23rd, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

By Dr. Lucio Lanza, Managing Director, Lanza tech Ventures

2024 Ushers in the Democratization of Silicon

Dr. Lucio Lanza

The democratization of silicon will become a reality in 2024 as the pieces for its success fall into place. Availability of open-source resources such as the RISC-V ISA and an open-source community-based platform where free design tools and the methodology for a complete design flow are making silicon design more cost effective and readily accessible. And within reach to thousands and thousands of hardware designers or would be hardware designers, helping address the demand for new designs and the acute engineering shortage.

Design guides, how-to webinars and other support resources are also freely available to help train new recruits into the world of semiconductor design. The cost of prototyping in reasonably advanced silicon nodes will be cut down by a factor of 100. Being at a node that is not the absolute most advanced is not a big weakness any longer. And availability of U.S.-based fabs like GlobalFoundries and Skywater Technologies with viable process technologies offering the manufacturing of silicon far less expensive than the traditional silicon design and manufacturing route.
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EDACafe Industry Predictions for 2024 – PRFI

January 21st, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

By Robert Smith,  Commercial Director at PRFI

What major technological advancements or innovations do you foresee occurring in your industry in 2024, and how do you plan to adapt or lead in these areas?

Robert Smith

In the RF compound semiconductor industry we are seeing increasing levels of integration of different semiconductor technologies onto the same process, such as pHEMTs, HBTs and PIN diodes. This offers new opportunities for innovative levels of functionality. PRFI has experience with most of the major foundries and can select the most appropriate process or technology for a specific application, taking into account all the technical, commercial, and supply chain considerations.

We also see a continuation of the trend towards packaging high-power PAs into SMT packages to drive down costs and allow the use of standard PCB assembly reflow processes. PRFI has extensive knowledge of the design, simulation, and evaluation of various packaging technologies.

How do you predict consumer behaviour and market trends will evolve in 2024, and what strategies are you implementing to meet these changing demands?

We think the focus will be on ubiquity of coverage and reliability rather than the emergence of a new ‘killer’ application to drive increased capacity. To facilitate this, PRFI is working with partners in the satcom industry to design ICs that enable LEO satellite constellations for near-ubiquitous coverage.

We continue to see growth in requirements for high-power solid-state power amplifiers, as GaN technology steadily replaces tubes in a range of RF and microwave applications. We see this trend continuing through 2024 and beyond.
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