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ESD Alliance Unveils itself as SEMI Strategic Association Partner at DAC

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

It’s hard to believe DAC is here already. We are excited to be back in San Francisco this year –– just up the road from Silicon Valley –– a great location. We look forward to seeing you there. 

We’re even more excited about our new life as a SEMI Strategic Association Partner. Our mission, name, activities and industry focus on the design ecosystem will continue on –– even stronger with our new association with SEMI.

The ESD Alliance membership will benefit by having access to SEMI’s global platform and many verticals, such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Transportation and Smart Data. We are pleased to play a vital role in SEMI’s mission by bringing the experience, knowledge and thought leadership from the system design ecosystem, which is “Where Electronics Begins™.”

It’s really a misperception that some members of our community picture SEMI and its SEMICON trade shows as only targeting semiconductor manufacturing equipment –– an outdated view to be sure. SEMI’s expanded mission now spans the entire global electronics manufacturing chain, from concept and design through product manufacturing and end-market applications, and the reason for the natural fit between the ESD Alliance and SEMI.

Check out the program for SEMICON West 2018 and you’ll see a wide range of topics ––everything from IoT, AI, blockchain and smart transportation to smart data, flexible hybrid electronics, and MEMS and sensors. This is way more than just equipment and are topics that have our community buzzing. 

For many years our industry was “chip-centric.” Now chip design is changing in a fundamental way as we move into the system design era. We’re no longer supporting only the few companies who tailor their product designs to meet the next technology node for yet one more high-powered chip.

Instead, there are more designs than ever before. Chips will remain important, though as one, albeit key element of system design and manufacturing. IoT is transforming design techniques to get chips completed rapidly and affordably, while IP is driving system design through a higher level of abstraction. Both are adding complexity, but are huge, untapped opportunities for the system design ecosystem.

The other significant change is that, by necessity, design and manufacturing are now collaborative activities and increasingly closely tied. The good old days of separated design and manufacturing are receding into the past.

We’re moving from the provincial to the modern era. Design is happening everywhere. We have many more modes of communications and expanding chances to get creative. These changes beg for a new way of thinking about how the design ecosystem fits into the broader global electronics marketplace. Becoming a SEMI Strategic Association Partner gives us an opportunity to develop programs and initiatives that designers need, and tie that into the larger framework of the entire manufacturing chain.

Once we finalize our transition into SEMI, we will no longer be a sponsor of DAC. In considering the broader view of our community, we are bringing a new element to SEMICON West starting in 2019 in San Francisco. Our members will help plan, shape and drive the new Design Ecosystem Pavilion we are launching at next year’s show. This will be a dedicated platform with its own tracks, designed to showcase everything about design from IP to EDA to embedded software to design services and more. By holding this event as an integral part of SEMICON West, we bring together the entire electronics product chain at one large event.

Please stop by the ESD Alliance Booth (#1234) to see us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and explain more about our expanded role by being part of SEMI.

Shaping the Future of IT Infrastructure for Semiconductor Design at DAC

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Note from Bob Smith, executive director of the ESD Alliance: This week, I turn over “Bridging the Frontier” to Derek Magill, engineering cloud architecture lead and global EDA license infrastructure lead at Qualcomm. Derek serves as chairman of CELUG and executive director of the Association of High Performance Computing Professionals.

Design Automation Conference (DAC) is only a few weeks away and excitement is building as plans finalize for the Design Infrastructure Alley, a section of the exhibit floor devoted to the infrastructure required to design chips and systems. Sixteen exhibitors and three days of insightful, thought-provoking content on engineering IT infrastructure topics make this a “must attend.” Just consider the cloud vendors populating the booths along the alley: Alibaba Cloud, Altair, Amazon Web Services, Cadence, Dell/EMC, FootPrintKU, Google, IBM, IC Manage, Metrics, Microsoft, Pure Storage Rescale, Six Nines, Suse and Univa. 

While DAC’s a great place to talk about new tools and methods to create more complex chips and systems, we rarely discuss the infrastructure needed to use these new methods and tools. Design Infrastructure Alley (Moscone West Level 1, booths 1237 thru 1255) bridges the gap between potential and execution and allows IT professionals, engineers and EDA suppliers to have a conversation about how best to enable design and verification. And, that brings us to the chock-full schedule of presentations at the Design-on-Cloud Pavilion theater with a host of panels and sessions on all things cloud. The complete program can be found at:

Thirsty for more? Well, then join us as we continue the conversation at the Thirsty Bear Organic Brewery at 7pm for h’ors doevres, beer or wine, compliments of sponsors AWS, Cadence, Elastifile, the ESD Alliance and IC Manage. Thirsty Bear is two blocks down Howard from Moscone West to 661 Howard Street.

Excitement Ahead Following an Eventful April

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

 Without the slightest bit of exaggeration, the month of April was eventful for all of us at the ESD Alliance. We hosted two well-attended events and announced a memorandum of understanding where the ESD Alliance will become a SEMI Strategic Association Partner.

Just like many of our members, we are busy preparing for DAC. We’ll have more on our DAC plans in a few weeks, including details on DAC’s new Design Infrastructure Alley, an initiative from the ESD Alliance and Derek Magill of the Association of High-Performance Computing Professionals.

Meanwhile, I invite you to visit the ESD Alliance website for updates. Photos from the CEO Outlook are posted under Resources. The video from the panel discussion is available now as is a two-minute preview of the video for non-members. As you’ll see in the video, panelists were Arm’s Simon Segars, Dean Drako of IC Manage, Wally Rhines from Mentor, a Siemens Business, and Sonics’ Grant Pierce, all ESD Alliance board members. Ed Sperling, editor-in-chief of Semiconductor Engineering, served as moderator at the evening hosted by member company Cadence Design Systems.

Implementing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Note from the ESD Alliance’s Bob Smith: Nicolas Athanasopoulos, OneSpin’s head of digital strategy, gave us an overview about what he plans to present next week at the ESD Alliance-hosted Digital Marketing Workshop. Now, we’ll hear from Dave Kelf, chief marketing officer at Breker, about why he’s so bullish on developing and implementing a content marketing strategy. We look forward to seeing Nicolas and Dave Thursday, April 26, at SEMI in Milpitas, Calif. We hope you’ll join us.

Engaging with prospective customers is one of the most increasingly difficult challenges all companies in the semiconductor industry face today. It’s even more challenging for small companies like those I’ve worked for over the years. And, it’s not getting easier using our traditional marketing and sales techniques.

Sure, most startups can attract a few early adopters, those guys who are the lifeblood of the fledgling organization that help drive early development. But getting key people at mainstream accounts to return emails or a phone call has become increasingly difficult. This is now a major problem for sales managers in general. Scaling a business has never been tougher.

Expanding Our Orbit

Monday, April 16th, 2018

The big news this week is from the ESD Alliance and SEMI. We announced a memorandum of understanding where the ESD Alliance will become a SEMI Strategic Association Partner.

Jointly, the ESD Alliance and SEMI will provide great value to our collective membership. Under the SEMI global infrastructure, our geographic reach will expand considerably, a goal I set when I became executive director three years ago. As a global organization and platform that’s been around since 1970, SEMI will provide us with the opportunity to further expand our reach and activities beyond North America. Our members will have access to SEMI’s global platform with offices and forums all over the world. 

Otherwise, nothing else will change and working together will expand the charters of both, representing our member companies as we’ve been doing and promoting their value as vital components of the global electronics ecosystem. Our board of directors will continue to govern the ESD Alliance’s distinct community, setting the organization’s direction and will function as an Executive Advisory Council of SEMI.

In the past, SEMI’s focus had been on electronics manufacturing and largely on the semiconductor supply chain. Its mission now encompasses the entire electronic product design and manufacturing chain. With the ESD Alliance, SEMI strengthens its ability to serve the entire electronic product manufacturing chain and benefits with direct engagement from our design ecosystem expertise. The charter of our technical programs, initiatives and events complement SEMI’s technology communities and activities that include advocacy, standards and environment, health and safety.

Technology Marketing for the Digital Age

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Note from Bob Smith, executive director of the ESD Alliance: I’m traveling this week and turned over my EDACafe blog post to OneSpin’s Nicolas Athanasopoulos. Nicolas and Breker’s CMO Dave Kelf graciously agreed to do a Digital Market Workshop for ESD Alliance members and anyone else interested in learning best practices for inbound-driven digital marketing. We hope you will join us Thursday, April 26!

Digital transformation is a frequently used buzz-phrase for all kinds of digitization processes. While talking about the potential challenges and opportunities for this mighty “digital age,” a lot of people forget that for marketing in particular, it arrived a long time ago. Almost all target groups that you may want to address today are affected by smartphones, using online research, and probably active social media users. And, for sure, this development applies to the electronic design ecosystem.  For this reason, it’s mission critical for the marketing, sales, operations and communications groups of companies offering goods or services to the electronic design community to adopt the recent changes as fast as possible.

Back in late 2016, when OneSpin’s CEO Raik Brinkmann offered the opportunity to build up a digital strategy for OneSpin from scratch, I already had a clear impression about the products around formal verification. I knew how we could target prospects in the digital environment using search engines, social media or newsletters. However, the EDA industry was fairly new to me. Coming from 3M where I successfully established a customer-centric approach to its corporate digital marketing, I was used to technically driven marketing with strong unique selling propositions that grant you by definition a competitive advantage and low emotional engagement.

Join the ESD Alliance for a Workshop on Digital Marketing

Thursday, March 29th, 2018


Lest you think that the CEO Outlook is our only event in April, let me surprise you with an opportunity to learn from experts on how to apply digital marketing to the electronic system design ecosystem.

Yes, we’re hosting a Digital Marketing Workshop Thursday, April 26, with Nicolas Athanasopoulos, OneSpin’s head of digital strategy, and Dave Kelf, chief marketing officer at Breker. Both companies are corporate members of the ESD Alliance.



Nicolas and Dave will offer presentations on the best marketing practices for an effective social media strategy. They will advise us on ways to implement a web-based content and lead-nurturing plan with cost-effective and proven digital marketing techniques. It’s a terrific opportunity for CEOs, marketing executives, content creators or anyone else from within our ecosystem to learn about implementing or improving their company’s content marketing strategy.


Our speakers neatly broke the workshop into four sections:

  1. Introduction –– Tech marketing in the digital age
  2. Inbound –– A strategic model for digital marketing
  3. Digital Marketing –– Tactics that fit the semiconductor industry
  4. A Digital Marketing Case Study

I encourage you to attend. Dave Kelf is a well-known and respected marketing executive who’s managed to cross the chasm from tried-and-true marketing practices into an experienced digital marketer. Nicolas is a relative newcomer and already made his mark at OneSpin as he drives the digital transformation, reaching the community through multi-channel experiences. Both are willing and eager to share their knowledge.

The Digital Marketing Workshop will be held at SEMI in Milpitas, Calif., beginning with breakfast at 7:30 a.m. It will run from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. The cost for the workshop is $30 per person for ESD Alliance member companies, $75 per person for non-members. Seating is limited. Registration information can be found at:

We have a few seats left for the ESD Alliance-hosted CEO Outlook Thursday, April 5, at Cadence Design Systems’ Building 10 in San Jose, Calif. Panelists are Arm’s Simon Segars, Dean Drako of IC Manage, Wally Rhines from Mentor, a Siemens Business, and Sonics’ Grant Pierce. Ed Sperling, editor-in-chief of Semiconductor Engineering, will serve as moderator. Each will present a brief opening statement about the future of the industry that will lead to a discussion about trends and opportunities. An interactive and moderated audience discussion will follow.

The ESD Alliance CEO Outlook –– A Chance to Network, Compare Notes on Industry Trends

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Greetings from Dresden, Germany! I’m attending DATE (Design, Automation & Test in Europe), a lively conference sponsored by the ESD Alliance covering a range of topics related to electronic system design.

A reminder that Thursday, April 5, is the date of the 2018 ESD Alliance-hosted CEO Outlook, a rare chance to hear from C-level executives and an opportunity to compare notes on trends and networking with other attendees. Attendees will be able to talk with panelists to learn their thoughts on the semiconductor design ecosystem before they head to the stage. Panelists are Arm’s Simon Segars, Dean Drako of IC Manage, Wally Rhines from Mentor, a Siemens Business, and Sonics’ Grant Pierce. Ed Sperling, editor-in-chief of Semiconductor Engineering, will serve as moderator. Each of the four panelists will present a brief opening statement about the future of the industry that will lead to a discussion about trends and opportunities. An interactive and moderated audience discussion will follow.

The Popular CEO Outlook is Back

Monday, March 12th, 2018

The 2018 CEO Outlook is scheduled for April 5 and you are invited to join us!

This year, we welcome back Arm’s Simon Segars and Wally Rhines from Mentor, a Siemens Business, and thank Dean Drako of IC Manage and Sonics’ Grant Pierce for agreeing to participate in the discussion about the semiconductor design ecosystem. Ed Sperling, editor-in-chief of Semiconductor Engineering, genially accepted our invitation again this year to moderate the panel made up four of our directors.

Chip Design Verification Community’s Travel to San Jose for DVCon

Monday, March 5th, 2018

DVCon is a yearly gathering of the chip design verification community held at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose. I’m certain its organizers and steering committee are pleased with attendance, the program, the exhibit floor and the opportunity for attendees to network. The mood was serious and intent on learning –– after all, chip design verification is a huge and complex problem. Nonetheless, everyone was in great spirits.

According to a post-conference news release: “Overall attendance, including exhibit-only and technical conference attendees, was 836.  Attendance was further enhanced by 241 exhibitor personnel that also had access to the panel sessions and keynote address, for a total of 1,077 participants. ”

The ESD Alliance was there and talked with the enthusiastic and energized community of chip design verification experts and aficionados, including vendors on the exhibit floor. Don’t take my word for it. Instead, check out a few photos of our member companies’ booths and the many of their staffers.


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