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Date : May 23, 2003 08:42
Title : Response from Axis Systems
Body :Axis Systems, Inc. - ?Axis Systems recently announced its support of Linux, creating the first, complete Linux-based hardware acceleration and emulation systems. All of Axis' simulation, acceleration, and emulation products, based on our ReConfigurable Computing technology and software, have been ported to Linux. The development of Axis' products is nearly independent of the OS, whether it is Linux or Solaris. Both Axis and its customers feel that the time invested in Linux development has been worthwhile. Axis' decision to support a Linux-based verification workflow was based on a strong customer trend to supplement Solaris development with Linux. Initial feedback from customers indicates that the availability of a Linux-centered design methodology is providing them with cost-effective performance gains. Axis' expansion into Linux fits into its Design Team Emulation solution, which not only provides emulation for verification teams, but also expands the usage of emulation to system, hardware, and software engineering in a development environment - whether Solaris or Linux. EDA stays close to its customers' needs and supports whatever will make them most successful.?