Electronics Workbench Offers Free 45-Day Trial of Multisims 8
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Electronics Workbench Offers Free 45-Day Trial of Multisims 8

try the most powerful and cost-effective circuit design and simulation system risk-free

Toronto, Ontario, December 22, 2004 -- The world's most powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use simulation software is available to users for a free 45 day trial. Understanding that engineers need to use new software that integrates flawlessly into their own real-world design environment, Electronics Workbench provides it's most functionally rich version of its Multisim 8 software - the PowerPro Tier. Users are encouraged to try the software on a real project to experience the benefits of Multisim's highly efficient capture environment and industry-leading circuit simulation system.

Click here to download Multisim 8 http://www.electronicsworkbench.com, or simply register on-line to receive a copy on CD http://www.electronicsworkbench.com, or call 800.263.5552 for further information.

More details on Multisim 8's unparalleled performance follow:

Core to its programming, Multisim 8 takes advantage of today's higher performing computers and modern software architecture. This saves designers thousands of mouse clicks and allows a design to be captured almost as fast as it can be conceptualized. Repetitive capture tasks are optimized, so the designer is freer to create, test and ultimately perfect their designs, resulting in superior products and minimizing time-to-market.

In Electronics Workbench's benchmark studies, Multisim 8 provides an almost 50% time savings for the existing 160,000 Multisim users. For engineers not simulating their designs or for those using more cumbersome tools, Multisim 8 reduces their creation time even more substantially.

Multisim 8 includes "real" Virtual Instruments from Tektronix. Before Multisim 8, engineers waited until a design was completely manufactured before beginning to test their prototype board. For the majority of designs, this meant that testing occurred far too late in the design flow to be truly beneficial. These tools are now provided within the Multisim 8 suite, allowing engineers to validate and optimize their circuits at the earliest possible stage of the design – during schematic entry.

Multisim 8 includes Dynamic Probes, a new, powerful time-saving function. An unlimited number of probes can be placed on the schematic to annotate a circuit with real-time, dynamic values such as current and voltage, providing immediate feedback and accelerating the design process.

Simulation Profiles, another previously unavailable function, allows the user to configure, save and reuse complete SPICE simulation parameter setups, resulting in even greater time savings. Tool-tip Style Notes allow notes to be attached to any point in the circuit. Design notes, annotations and comments from reviewers automatically pop-up when mousing over a circuit. The design engineer may toggle between all notes, no notes or notes made by a specific individual. Both Simulation Profiles and Tool-tip Style Notes are new functions which help Electronics Workbench users gain a competitive advantage by exceeding their time-to- market goals.

Other Multisim benefits include:
  1. New Model Makers: this functionality supplements Multisim's extensive component library, facilitating the rapid creation of even more types of component models from data book values (such as transformers, converters, motors, etc.).
  2. A New Worst-Case Algorithm: this function tests circuits under the worst expected conditions incorporating the statistical variations of real world component values during the upfront simulation stage.
  3. New Amplifier Circuit Wizard: this feature automatically creates circuitry that matches user-supplied parameters. This ability, like the other existing Multisim wizards, stems from the tight integration of Multisim's schematic capture and simulation features. The capture engine uses the simulation functionality to "look ahead" and create circuitry that behaves as specified by the user. Electronics Workbench's new Support and Upgrade Utility automatically checks and installs software updates and new releases over the web, assuring that users work with the most up-to-date version. Multisim 8 pricing starts at $1,995. Complete design suites range from $3,995 to $6,995. For more information contact Electronics Workbench at 800.263.5552, or at www.electronicsworkbench.com.

About Electronics Workbench
Electronics Workbench is a world leader in the EDA industry. The Company's suite of high-performance tools enables the creation of printed circuit boards which are designed into next-generation electronic products. With over 160,000 users, the Electronics Workbench portfolio delivers the most widely used schematic capture and simulation software. The Company's sophisticated front-to-back-end solutions include schematic capture, simulation (i.e. SPICE, VHDL and patented co-simulation), PCB layout, autorouting and CAM tools. No other board design system has been developed from the ground up specifically for today's advanced PCs and operating systems. By integrating powerful functionality, a user-friendly environment and the industry's most modern software architecture, the circuit designer achieves superior, unparalleled performance. Electronics Workbench dramatically reduces time-to-market by enabling the development and production of PCBs faster and more accurately than any other board layout system. For more information visit Electronics Workbench at www.electronicsworkbench.com.