RivieraWaves to address IP and wireless market
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RivieraWaves to address IP and wireless market

Bags new WLAN & Bluetooth® IPs

Sophia-Antipolis, France – April 27, 2010 – RivieraWaves today announced their increased focus on the IP and wireless market backed by Bluetooth and WLAN semiconductor IPs. RivieraWaves is expanding its IP offering with a brand new stand-alone Bluetooth low energy IP portfolio including hardware baseband, software stack and profiles. This new IP portfolio constitutes the main business activity of RivieraWaves, and a preliminary version is already available and being integrated by customers. This unique wireless IP offering, makes RivieraWaves the only “one stop shop” company providing complete solutions for WLAN+BT, Bluetooth high speed (aka Bluetooth 3.0+HS) and Bluetooth low energy (aka Bluetooth 4.0) chips. The IP offering is composed of hardware, software and analog/RF components

Wipro is granting RivieraWaves full sub-licensing and modification rights for Wipro NewLogic Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and 802.11abg Intellectual Property blocks.

“We are very satisfied with all the efforts made by Wipro, which included granting free and full access to the Wipro NewLogic Bluetooth and WLAN IPs to RivieraWaves” said Ange Aznar, President and CEO of RivieraWaves. “This is a critical ingredient that enables us to create a new structure, to effectively address IP customers, investigate new wireless markets, and also to provide a possible continuation path for Wipro-NewLogic Bluetooth and WLAN IP customers”

About RivieraWaves

Thanks to its unique and proven portfolio of Bluetooth®, WLAN Intellectual Property (IP), and best of breed Design Services, RivieraWaves aims to become a major player in the wireless field. Its highly skilled team composed of seasoned, dedicated and focused engineers makes RivieraWaves the ideal partner for all wireless solutions in the medical, sports & fitness, watch, entertainment, industrial and other wireless sensor based applications.

RivieraWaves provides semiconductor companies with hardware, software and radio IPs for integration into their ASIC. Its IP offering is complemented with high quality SOC design services and application development services. RivieraWaves also provides system companies with differentiated software solutions that increase the value of their end products.

For more information, please visit us at http://www.rivierawaves.com