TriAccess Technologies Announces a New On-Chip Linearization RFIC Amplifier Solution Designed for CATV Edge QAM and Other Applications
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TriAccess Technologies Announces a New On-Chip Linearization RFIC Amplifier Solution Designed for CATV Edge QAM and Other Applications

SANTA ROSA, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—November 25, 2008— TriAccess Technologies, a leading provider of CATV and FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC) for amplifying multimedia content, today announced the launch of a new high performance RFIC featuring on-chip linearization. The TAT7467 is a differential RF amplifier covering the CATV band that delivers improved RF output capability with reduced power consumption. It applies a patent-pending on-chip linearization process for 75-Ohm CATV DOCSIS 3.0 Edge QAM applications. Production shipments are scheduled for end of Q1 2009.

“Amplifier linearization has been successfully deployed externally on other devices, but until now cable OEMs did not have an on-chip linearization solution capable of achieving comparable high efficiency levels,” according to Chris Day, President and Chief Technology Officer of TriAccess Technologies. “The TAT7467 has been designed for switched digital video (SDV) and video on demand (VOD) content, allowing customized programming to be switched to different subscribers.” This new TriAccess RFIC is the first to apply on-chip linearization fabricated in a single-die GaAs integrated circuit developed specifically for CATV networks. It dramatically lowers heat levels and requires less cooling while maintaining high RF output. The patent-pending TAT7467 linearization solution enables higher densities leading to better CATV office utilization by reducing the need for additional rack space.”

The TAT7467 operates within a bandwidth of 54 - 1002MHz with greater than 17.5 dB of RF gain and an output return loss of better than -20 dB. It uses 5.0V supply voltage and consumes 375 mA of current (nominal) that can be easily adjusted to lower current levels for other CATV applications. Reducing power consumption is a major challenge in the cable TV industry today and system operators are looking for ways to incrementally maximize network efficiency enabling them to better compete with large Telcos. The new TAT7467 achieves higher output performance using one-third less power compared with today’s DOCSIS 3.0 standard components that lack on-chip linearization. TriAccess is utilizing TriQuint (TQNT) Semiconductor’s Commercial Foundry GaAs process for the fabrication of the new TAT7467.

“For cable infrastructure applications, implementing on-chip linearization technology improves the output performance of CATV hybrid amplifiers without necessitating expensive, proprietary new technologies,” Mr. Day said. “This allows operators to rely on proven technology to do the job. The same on-chip linearization techniques included in the TAT7467 can be adapted to any number of other digital RF communication markets with high peak-to-average profiles. While some new transistor technologies have not yet established a proven track record in the CATV plant, linearization has been widely deployed on CATV optics and in tandem with some hybrid amplifiers. By integrating the linearization circuitry and the power amplifier on the same die, higher levels of performance are achieved. TriAccess is the first semiconductor company to optimize this on-chip technique for CATV applications.”

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TriAccess Technologies is a privately-funded, fabless semiconductor company accelerating the rapid deployment of advanced digital video and high-speed data in CATV, Telco and Wireless networks. The company’s products enable economic and system design efficiencies through integration and higher performance. Founded in 2003, TriAccess currently has a global network of 17 strategic sales and distribution representatives and more than 50 customers for its family of RFIC products and is based in Santa Rosa, CA. For more information, visit the company’s website at:


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