DMP Electronics Signs Agreement to Implement Moore Microprocessor Patent(TM) Design Techniques in Manufacturing Semiconductor Devices
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DMP Electronics Signs Agreement to Implement Moore Microprocessor Patent(TM) Design Techniques in Manufacturing Semiconductor Devices

CUPERTINO, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—September 7, 2007— Alliacense today announced that DMP Electronics Inc. has purchased an Implementation License to the Moore Microprocessor Patent (MMP) Portfolio from the TPL Group. An Implementation License empowers manufacturers of microprocessors and/or other component parts to incorporate MMP technology (i.e. "Implementations"), while TPL retains the right to collect royalties from their customers that manufacture and sell finished, end-user products using the Implementations.

According to Mike Davis, Sr. Vice President of Licensing for Alliacense, "The value of such a license was highlighted by the recent ITC decision in Broadcom v. Qualcomm which sent shock waves through the mobile communications industry by barring the import of certain handsets containing infringing microprocessors manufactured by Qualcomm. While we continue to focus our MMP Licensing Program on manufacturers of end-user products, we welcome semiconductor manufacturers such as DMP who request rights to implement MMP design techniques." Taiwan-based DMP follows in the footsteps of major microprocessor manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Sony and Sharp who acquired similar rights for their microprocessor businesses.

With origins that date back to 1989, DMP Electronics today specializes in the design of embedded computer architectures. The company's Vortex86SX is a high performance and fully static 32-bit X86 microprocessor. Compatible with popular 32-bit real-time operating systems such as Windows and Linux, Vortex86SX is well suited to be embedded within in a broad range of end-user electronics products.

Commenting on the implementation agreement, Daniel Tai, President/CEO of DMP Electronics, said, "The design techniques detailed within the MMP Portfolio are essential in the development of advanced microprocessors such as our Vortex86SX flagship product. We are pleased to join Fujitsu, Sony and Sharp as official implementers of MMP Portfolio design techniques at the chip level."

About the MMP Portfolio

The Moore Microprocessor Patent Portfolio contains intellectual property that is jointly owned by the privately-held TPL Group and publicly-held Patriot Scientific Corporation (OTCBB:PTSC). The portfolio includes seven U.S. patents as well as their European and Japanese counterparts. It is becoming widely recognized that the jointly-owned patents protect fundamental technology used in designing microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors (DSPs), embedded processors and system-on-chip (SoC) devices. The MMP Portfolio is exclusively managed by Alliacense, a TPL Group Enterprise.

The sweeping scope of applications using MMP design techniques continues to encourage manufacturers of end user products from around the globe to become MMP licensees. Since January 2006, HP, Casio, Fujitsu, Sony, Nikon, Seiko Epson, Pentax, Olympus, Kenwood, Agilent, Lexmark, Schneider Electric, NEC Corporation, Funai Electric, SanDisk, Sharp Corporation, Nokia, Bull, and LEGO have all purchased MMP Portfolio licenses.

About DMP Electronics

Established in 1989, DM&P Group has been created by a group of embedded System Designers, Manufacturers, and Integrators with extensive knowledge and experience in embedded computer architectures. For more information, visit

About Alliacense

Alliacense is a TPL Group Enterprise executing best-in-class design and implementation of Intellectual Property (IP) licensing programs. As a cadre of IP licensing strategists, technology experts, and experienced business development/management executives, Alliacense focuses on expanding the awareness and value of TPL's IP portfolios. Founded in 1988, The TPL Group has emerged as a coalition of high technology enterprises involved in the development, management and commercialization of proprietary product technologies as well as the design, manufacture and sales of proprietary products based on those technologies and corresponding IP assets. For more information, visit

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