Integration Associates Unveils Its latest EZRadio(TM) Receiver - IA4322
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Integration Associates Unveils Its latest EZRadio(TM) Receiver - IA4322

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—April 16, 2007— Integration Associates, a fabless semiconductor company focusing on high performance analog solutions for wireless and wireline data communications, today unveiled its newest addition to the EZRadio product family, the IA4322 FSK (frequency shift keying) wireless receiver.

As a lower cost, FSK receiver designed specifically for high band 868/915MHz applications, the IA4322 is ideally suited for the US and European automotive, toy, home automation, and building security market segments, amongst others.

The IA4322 is footprint compatible with that of the all band, sub Gigahertz IA4320 receiver; however the 868/915MHz High Band IA4322 also brings with it new features such as a deeper 48-bit FIFO, a faster XTAL startup time, and lower stand-by current consumption. The IA4322 also provides improved sensitivity, offers greater selectivity and provides enhanced phase noise performance compared to the award winning IA4320.

"The IA4322 is a worthy addition to the Integration EZRadio product family in all respects and enables Integration to focus even further on the price/performance ratio," commented Rafi Fried, the General Manager of the Wireless Business Unit. "Using the very successful IA4320 as the basis we created the IA4322 to address the feature sets requested by the US and European territories. Customers seeking very low cost, reliable FSK connectivity with the high end features needed to support the latest applications will find Integration's EZRadio family portfolio to be a great match. In Integration we are committed to continue and broaden our offering to the low data-rate wireless connectivity market."

EZRadio products provide complete, low-cost, wireless solutions that even OEMs with little RF product experience can easily design-in. EZRadio offers engineers a developer-friendly, highly integrated, flexible, and easy-to-use radio with the industry's lowest BOM.

Key EZRadio features of the IA4322 include:

-- Programmable: 868 and 915MHz bands, low noise amplifier (LNA), baseband bandwidth (134kHz - 400kHz), data rate, automatic frequency control, crystal load capacitance, output power level, FSK modulation deviation - reducing production and customization costs.

-- Automatic Antenna Tuning: Eliminates the need for production line tuning costs and ensures optimal RF transmission throughout the product lifecycle. Automatic Antenna Tuning takes the guesswork out of the design process, eliminates the need for expensive RF engineering, and delivers an extremely robust wireless link.

-- Fully integrated on-chip RF features: Requires only two external components, a crystal and a low-cost microcontroller, reducing the bill of materials and simplifying the design-in process.

-- Automatic Frequency Control (AFC): The receiver is automatically tuned to the incoming signal, allowing the use of an inexpensive crystal without compromising the radio link.

-- Key radio management functions: EZRadio performs functions such as data recovery and timing without a microcontroller, allowing the choice of a less expensive microcontroller.

-- Clock source available: Does not require a second crystal if a microcontroller is used.

-- Fast and reliable frequency hopping: Counter interference and multipath fading enable over a hundred devices to be used in the same environment, without user issues.

-- High impedance loop antenna can be etched directly onto the circuit board: Eliminates the need for more expensive external antenna designs.

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