New 32-Bit Mixed-Signal DSPs From TI Deliver Higher Performance and More Integration Enabling Single-Chip Embedded Control
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New 32-Bit Mixed-Signal DSPs From TI Deliver Higher Performance and More Integration Enabling Single-Chip Embedded Control

Industry's Best Mixed-Signal DSPs Drive a Broad Range of Embedded Applications By Increasing the Capabilities and Versatility of End Products at a Lower System Cost

HOUSTON, June 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Delivering a unique combination of high-performance digital signal processors (DSPs) with high-precision analog and Flash memory, Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN - News; TI) announced today the availability of the TMS320F2810 and TMS320F2812 DSPs. The new mixed-signal 32-bit DSPs, which offer 150 million instructions per second (MIPS), a single cycle 32x32-bit MAC capability, up to a quarter megabyte of on-chip Flash memory and an on-chip 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), make tangible TI's promised technology of late last year. These devices are based on the C/C++ efficient 32-bit TMS320C28x(TM) DSP core and are supported by a virtual floating-point math library that significantly eases the development of a multitude of applications.

"As the clear leader in the DSP embedded control market, TI is building on their customer-driven strategy and years of consistent focus," said Will Strauss, president, Forward Concepts. "Delivering on its promises, the F2812 and F2810 DSP devices are allowing customers to utilize the increased integration and performance of these new DSPs far beyond just embedded control devices, giving TI the vehicle to extend its leadership in the embedded control arena and into new markets."

The new devices address the growing need for increased DSP performance without sacrificing mixed-signal integration, combining on a single chip the best attributes of DSPs with those of micro controllers. By bringing the best of both worlds onto a single chip, the F2810 and F2812 DSPs provide new possibilities in a spectrum of applications, from traditional motor control applications to new markets, such as power supply and optical networking. The TMS320F2810 and TMS320F2812 DSPs are code compatible with TI's popular TMS320C24x(TM) DSP generation. This broadens TI's TMS320C2000(TM) DSP portfolio of processors ranging from sub-$2.00 up to 150 MIPS performance.

F2810 and F2812 DSPs Offer a Complete System-on-a-Chip

With an unmatched level of integration, the F2810 and F2812 DSPs give designers a complete system-on-a-chip. This greatly reduces board space and system cost and leads to simpler, more cost-effective designs. The F2812 DSP integrates 128 Kilowords (Kw) of Flash memory and the F2810 DSP integrates 64 Kw for simple reprogramming during development and in-field software updates. Optimized event managers include pulse-width modulation (PWM) generators, programmable general-purpose timers and glueless capture encoder interfaces. The devices also feature a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a throughput of 16.7 mega samples per second and dual sample-hold providing critical support in tight control loops. Five different on-chip standard communication ports provide simple communication interfaces to hosts, test equipment, displays and other components.

"Many developers require DSP performance, Flash memory and high-precision analog in their applications, but are often challenged to minimize the number of devices they utilize in their designs, thereby compromising performance for integration," said Todd Solak, worldwide C2000 DSP marketing manager, TI. "The new F2810 and F2812 DSPs eliminate the need for compromise by offering a complete single-chip solution."

In addition, all C28x(TM) DSPs incorporate 32-bit math capabilities and are supported by a unique IQ math library. This combination allows designers to port floating-point algorithms to a fixed-point processor in a matter of minutes -- faster than the laborious and time-consuming conversion of math algorithms in traditional 16-bit devices. TI's new DSPs give designers the math code efficiency of DSPs and the ease and system code efficiency of general-purpose processors, speeding the development process.

TI's Software, Hardware and Support Helps the Developer Get Started Today

Further speeding this process, the F2810 and F2812 DSPs are supported by TI's eXpressDSP(TM) software and development tools, featuring Code Composer Studio Host tools and the DSP/BIOS real-time kernel. Code Composer Studio for the C2000 platform is available today and offers a fully integrated environment, which includes all the tools necessary to dramatically reduce the time needed to code, debug and tune a system based on the F2810 and F2812 DSPs. An integrated and efficient C compiler, assembler and linker, coupled with an advanced editor, reduce the time needed to create compact and efficient code. Also included is a powerful debugger and advanced profiler to provide the visibility needed to quickly debug and tune embedded control designs for optimum performance.

The F2810 and F2812 mixed-signal DSPs will soon be supported by DSP/BIOS, which slashes time-to-market by providing a complete set of instrumented kernel services optimized for fast execution speed. It offers a priority- based scheduler along with a set of real-time analysis tools and the RTDX(TM) data link between the host computer and the target DSP. With these tools, the challenges of system design are easier to overcome, enabling designers to quickly meet critical deadlines.

As a part of TI's effort to provide unparalleled support at every step of the DSP design process, TI is introducing its TMS320F2812 Spectrum Digital eZdsp(TM) DSK to assist developers evaluating the F2810 and F2812 DSPs. The eZdsp DSK is a platform to develop, demonstrate and run software for F2810 and F2812 processors. Also, to simplify code development and reduce debugging time, the eZdsp DSK is fully compatible with the Code Composer Studio development suite. This software tool chain provides the user with a C compiler, assembler, linker and Windows(TM)-based debugger.

TI also has developed a comprehensive support network of third parties to provide designers highly tuned, application-optimized software frameworks and algorithms to help designers get started today.

Availability and Pricing

Samples of the TMS320F2810 low profile quad flat pack (LQFP), TMS320F2812 microstar ball grid array (u*BGA), and TMS320F2812LQFP DSPs will be made broadly available to the market though TI's distribution channel in July. The F2810 is priced at $17.98 and the F2812 at $22.99 in 10ku quantities. The F2812 eZdsp DSK is available today for $305 via TI's distribution channels.

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