Diodes, Inc. Introduces Industry-Leading High Efficiency SBR(R) Devices in PowerDI(TM)123 Compact Power Package
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Diodes, Inc. Introduces Industry-Leading High Efficiency SBR(R) Devices in PowerDI(TM)123 Compact Power Package

* New rectifiers offer breakthrough performance targeting DC/DC converters, mobile phones, digital audio players, digital cameras, and LCD panel applications

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Diodes Incorporated (NasdaqGS: DIOD), a leading manufacturer and supplier of high- quality discrete and analog semiconductors, today announced the launch of the SBR(R) product family packaged in Diodes' proprietary high performance PowerDI(TM)123. The 3 Ampere SBR(R) rectifier product family offers industry- leading Ultra-Low Vf for high efficiency combined with class leading high temperature thermal stability, robust ESD ratings of +/- 16kV HBM, and much higher reverse avalanche capability compared to traditional Schottky technology. These features provide unsurpassed efficiency, superior reliability, and a wide safe operating area in applications like disk drives, high temperature automotive applications, DC/DC converters, and in small portable electronics, such as mobile phones, digital audio players and digital cameras.

"The introduction of the SBR(R) PowerDI(TM)123 product family is a solid example of the synergies between our recently acquired SBR(R) patented wafer technology and Diodes' proprietary high performance packaging," commented Dr. Keh-Shew Lu, President and CEO of Diodes Incorporated. "The technological milestones achieved in our first of many planned SBR(R) product introductions represent performance unobtainable with traditional Schottky technology."

Combined with PowerDI(TM)123's patented flat lead frame package, the 3A SBR(R) product family is the first in class to combine both highly efficient wafer technology with a high performance power dissipation package. The SBR3U30P1 SBR(R) device is the first of its family to combine both ultra-low Vf and a high maximum junction temperature rating of 150 degrees Celsius. This combination results in device parameters that are far superior to standard Schottky technology and are particularly well suited to the efficiency and thermal requirements of compact 1/8th brick and 1/16th brick DC/DC converters.

"With the release of the new 3A SBR(R) PowerDI(TM)123 product platform, Diodes continues to push the boundaries with new innovative products and position the Company as a technology leader in the rectifier market," remarked Mark King, Diodes' Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "The SBR3A30P1 and SBR3M30P1 are the first of a new generation of rectifiers that will combine both high efficiency and high thermal performance, opening exciting new opportunities in power supply and automotive applications."

Diodes is currently releasing six SBR(R) diodes in the PowerDI(TM)123 package platform. The new SBR3U30P1 SBR(R) device achieves a continuous forward current rating of 3A with an ultra-low forward voltage drop (Vf), and a high maximum junction temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. The SBR3M30P1 with its even higher maximum junction temperature of 175 degrees Celsius is well suited for high temperature applications, such as solar panels and under-hood automotive environments where efficiency and reliability are critical to the design. In addition to the 3A devices, the SBR(R) PowerDI(TM)123 family includes a 2A ultra-low Vf version, SBR2U30P1; a 2A ultra-low leakage version, SBR2M30P1; and 30V/40V low Vf versions, SBR2A30P1 and SBR2A40P1.

Diodes also introduces the SBR(R) technology with its superior performance and reliability in large power packages, including the TO-220 and ITO-220. Specifically targeting power supply end products and flat panel displays, the first part numbers to be released are the SBR20U100CT and SBR20U100CTFP rectifiers in TO-220 and ITO-220 packages. The SBR20U100CT product family offers the lowest Vf in its class with a high maximum junction temperature of 175 degrees Celsius and a much higher avalanche rating than standard traditional Schottky rectifiers.

About Diodes Incorporated

Diodes Incorporated (NasdaqGS: DIOD), an S&P SmallCap 600 Index company, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality discrete and analog semiconductor products, primarily to the communications, computing, industrial, consumer electronics and automotive markets. The Company has its Corporate sales, marketing, engineering and logistics headquarters in Southern California; Design Centers in Dallas and San Jose; wafer fabrication plant in Missouri; two manufacturing plants in Shanghai; fabless analog IC plant in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan; engineering, sales, warehouse and logistics offices in Taipei and Hong Kong, and sales and support offices throughout the world. With its recent asset acquisition of APD Semiconductor, a privately held U.S.-based fabless discrete semiconductor company, Diodes acquired proprietary SBR(R) technology.

Diodes' product focus is on subminiature surface-mount discrete devices, analog power management ICs and Hall-effect sensors all of which are widely used in end-user equipment such as TV/Satellite set top boxes, portable DVD players, datacom devices, ADSL modems, power supplies, medical devices, wireless notebooks, flat panel displays, digital cameras, digital audio players, mobile handsets, DC to DC conversion, Wireless 802.11 LAN access points, brushless DC motor fans, and automotive applications. For further information, please visit our website at www.diodes.com.

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