Intelleflex Announces Availability of Its RFID Battery-Assisted Passive Tag and Reader Products
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Intelleflex Announces Availability of Its RFID Battery-Assisted Passive Tag and Reader Products

SAN JOSE, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—October 10, 2006— Intelleflex Corporation, the Intelligent RFID Platform Company, today announced the availability of its InfoSure(TM) single-chip tags and I-Beam(TM) multi-protocol readers. Intelleflex's battery-assisted passive technology offers the best of both worlds between passive and active RFID technology, with a breakthrough performance and a price of five-dollars a tag in production volumes - five-to-ten times lower than competitive active tags.

Intelleflex's InfoSure tags and the I-Beam reader are multi-protocol, ensuring global interoperability using EPC standards. InfoSure tags can be used as passive C1G2 tags with any other C1G2 reader or used in the battery-assisted passive mode at long ranges with the I-Beam reader. InfoSure tags offer up to 100-meter read/write range in free space, which translates to 100 percent read/write reliability at standard working ranges in industrial environments. They also offer 64 kb user memory, which is segmented into 1 kb blocks so they can be independently protected for read/write access through passwords.

The I-Beam reader can read any EPC C1G2 tag as well as the Class 3 InfoSure tag. Initial product shipments of both the tags and readers are targeted for asset management, yard management, manufacturing and zonal access control applications.

"We have had the chance to work with the pre-production version of the InfoSure tags and the I-Beam reader, and were impressed with the range of additional value that they bring," said Baldev Nair, RFID practice manager for Tata Consultancy Services. "We believe Intelleflex products can meet the needs of many of our global customers in retail and manufacturing by filling the huge price-performance gap between active and passive technologies."

"We are excited to start shipping products to our customers," said Ashish Asthana, vice president of marketing and product strategy for Intelleflex. "Customers benefit from the compelling business value that we bring to address their needs. For example, customers in logistics and manufacturing will utilize the long-range capabilities in battery-assisted mode for real-time inventory of assemblies in their warehouses, and the ability to automatically generate a proof of shipment when they are shipped. Other customers in manufacturing and maintenance operations will utilize Intelleflex ICs in passive mode and realize significant benefits from having actionable manufacturing and repair history data in the 64Kb user memory at the point of use."

Intelleflex's InfoSure single-chip tags and I-Beam 500 multi-protocol readers will be available for preview and demonstration at EPCglobal next week in Los Angeles. Pre-production shipments will start in October. General availability will be in approximately eight weeks.

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Intelleflex Corporation's innovative RFID technology provides breakthrough performance at a breakthrough price in a standards framework. Intelleflex tags and readers are designed to deliver unprecedented range and read/write accuracy, user-defined memory, and application-specific security. Intelleflex is at the forefront of the next wave of RFID systems that not only identify, but communicate, remember and sense. For more information, visit


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