PDF Solutions Helping Infineon Technologies Accelerate 90nm Logic Yield Ramp in Dresden; Following Success at 130nm, Infineon and PDF are Achieving Even Faster Yield Learning Rates at 90nm
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PDF Solutions Helping Infineon Technologies Accelerate 90nm Logic Yield Ramp in Dresden; Following Success at 130nm, Infineon and PDF are Achieving Even Faster Yield Learning Rates at 90nm

SAN JOSE, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—June 1, 2006— PDF Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: PDFS) announced today that under an engagement that began last year, Infineon Technologies (NYSE:IFX), (FSE:IFX) has been implementing PDF Solutions' 90 nanometer (nm) Characterization Vehicle(R) (CV(R)) infrastructure at its advanced logic fab in Dresden. The project, a collaborative effort by engineering teams from PDF and Infineon, includes deployment of PDF's CV infrastructure (CVi) to accelerate the ramp of Infineon's 90nm CMOS process and follows their joint success at 130nm. The engagement provides Infineon access to PDF Solutions' broad portfolio of yield and performance enhancement tools, methodologies, and expertise. The methodology is centered on PDF Solutions' unique short-flow Characterization Vehicle test-chips and pDfx yield modeling tools, which allow faster and more accurate detection, prioritization, and removal of yield detractors. PDF Solutions developed its tools, methodologies, and expertise through more than 30 deep sub-micron yield ramp projects, including more than 12 at the 90nm node and below.

"Our customers rely on Infineon for leading-edge and cost-effective chips to power the next generation of consumer, cellular and automotive products," said Mr. Christian Esser, Vice President Technology, Infineon Dresden. "PDF Solutions worked with our engineers to significantly accelerate our yield learning at 130nm and our engineers continue to benefit from the on-going use of PDF's methodology and tools for continuous yield optimization at that node. Our current 90nm project with PDF has shown further significant improvement in yield ramp speed. We chose to engage PDF Solutions because it offered us a comprehensive solution customized to our needs, delivered by a team of skilled engineers, and backed by a proven track record."

"Semiconductor companies face a growing challenge," said Dr. Andrzej Strojwas, Chief Technologist at PDF Solutions. "Shorter product life cycles require faster ramps but shrinking feature sizes and the introduction of new materials have led to a significant increase in ramp complexity." Added Dr. Strojwas, "Traditional yield improvement methods are losing their efficiency and result in sub-optimal allocation of ramp resources and budgets. PDF Solutions has spent the last 10 years developing and perfecting new methods and tools to support faster ramps. We are proud of our relationship with Infineon and are happy with their decision to continue to partner with PDF for their 90nm Logic node ramp."

The multiple stage 90nm project includes implementation of PDF Solutions' Compliance Level yield learning methodology, which focuses on increasing yields and reducing process variability. The 90nm CVi deployed in the Dresden fab is based on PDF Solutions' seventh generation short-flow test-chip technology and has been customized to Infineon's specific process conditions and product mix. Use of the CVi reduces the time and silicon budget required to identify, prioritize and resolve systematic and random yield detractors. The project also includes PDF Solutions' Printability Space Decomposition (PSD) methodology to identify, quantify and resolve yield loss caused by lithography, as well as PDF's Performance Variability CV(R) test chip (PV CV), a partial-field test chip that addresses transistor related yield loss due to manufacturing variability.

Additionally, Infineon is deploying PDF Solutions' advanced Scribe CV(R), which utilizes PDF's patented technology for densely packed test structures embedded on product wafers. PDF's Scribe CV provides 100x more information than traditional PCM structures and is used to improve yield excursion control during the mature, high volume production phase. Infineon also benefits from the integration of PDF Solutions' CVi to third party scanning electron microscopy (SEM) tools, enabling detection and fast localization of non-visual defects that are difficult to identify using standard inspection techniques.

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