Oki Electric Launches Voice Synthesis Chip with P2ROM(TM), Reducing Delivery Time to One-Third
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Oki Electric Launches Voice Synthesis Chip with P2ROM(TM), Reducing Delivery Time to One-Third

TOKYO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Feb. 7, 2006— Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 6703) today announced its launch of ML2216, a voice synthesis LSI with P2ROM(TM) (Production Programmed ROM) that can be shipped in volume within two weeks from order. Compared to the conventional mask-ROM voice synthesis, programming and delivery time is reduced to one-third. Oki plans to provide the chip to manufacturers for consumer and industry equipment applications such as home digital appliances that require voice guidance functions. Volume shipment is expected to begin this month with a target of 500 thousand units shipped per month.

Ordinarily devices with voice playback chips need time to develop the hardware and software, decide which playback voice to use, and evaluate tone quality. However, in many cases such decisions are not made until just before sample shipments and volume production are to start. Conventional mask-ROM voice synthesis chips require at least 1.5 months until delivery because they require creation of one or more masks with the customer's voice data, and then use that mask in the chip manufacturing process. P2ROM, on the other hand, is a memory that allows data to be written at the final test stage. The chip is kept in an "Assembly Process" bank (1), which is a method of storing the uncompleted device that has finished the wafer manufacturing up to the packaging completed.

"With the ML2216, we can write customer's voice data into the chips and test them after we receive orders, which enables us to deliver the product in as little as two weeks. This means we can reduce the time from order to volume production to one-third, eliminating the need for a special mask step to program the customer data," said Akira Kamo, President of Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric. "Because P2ROMs are non volatile memories, it is impossible to falsify information, which makes them suite to security devices with emergency voice guidance capability, such as are used in fire warning machine and gas leak alarm systems."

Going forward, Oki plans to integrate its P2ROM technology with its voice synthesis technology to provide voice LSIs.


(1) Assembly Process bank

Store and manage products that have completed the assembly stage and ready for delivery as factory inventories.

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