Atmel Announces First High-Speed 8-bit MCU With Integrated USB to Serial Bridge Interface Capabilities
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Atmel Announces First High-Speed 8-bit MCU With Integrated USB to Serial Bridge Interface Capabilities

May Be Used With Standard Operating Systems for Host-Peripheral Communications

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Atmel(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: ATML), a global leader in the development and fabrication of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced today, a high-speed, low-power AVR(R) microcontroller with unique features for low-cost demanding USB applications.

"This product targets applications where peripherals supporting fast serial asynchronous or synchronous data transfer must communicate with a host or other peripherals through a high-speed serial link such as USB," said Richard Bisset, Product Marketing Director. "It benefits applications including USB to UART bridge, USB to IrDA bridge, and two UARTs multiplexed into a high-speed USB up-link."

The AT76C713 is the first AVR microcontroller running up to 48 MHz. It is designed to provide a full-speed USB slave interface, compliant to USB 2.0 specification, to systems that need to communicate with a peripheral as a standard or custom class USB device. The AT76C713 implements novel memory architecture by integrating 16 Kbytes of SRAM memory for program code and 4 SRAM banks of 2 Kbytes each originally devoted to data, stack, and variables. Up to three of those banks can be used as program memory in addition to the default 16 Kbytes, resulting in a highly configurable system depending on the application requirements.

A full USB Chapter 9 compliant bootstrap ROM can support enumeration and program download using descriptor parameters stored in an external EEPROM, dataflash, or even hardwired Atmel-specific USB descriptors, eliminating the cost of the serial non-volatile memory. The AT76C713 offers a high number of general-purpose input/output pins with multifunction capabilities, such as expansion data memory interface, input interrupt lines, output compare timers, or modem control signals for the serial links supported by the two internal UART modules. The UART modules support FIFOs in both directions, and one of those UARTs can support IrDA communication.

To facilitate custom developed applications with the AT76C713, a Development Kit (AT76C713-DK) is available with sample programs, utilities for program downloading, and a firmware upgrade. Development Kits are available through distribution or direct from Atmel. The AT76C713-JT100 comes packaged in a lead-free, ROHS compliant, 100-pin TQFP package. At 10K, pricing is $4.00.

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