Powerwave Introduces Micro Twin 2100 Tower-Mounted Amplifier Featuring Break-Through Compact Design, along with Twin TMA 1800
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Powerwave Introduces Micro Twin 2100 Tower-Mounted Amplifier Featuring Break-Through Compact Design, along with Twin TMA 1800

Next-Generation TMAs Are Small, Powerful and Interoperable

CANNES, France—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Feb. 15, 2005— Powerwave Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: PWAV), a leading source for end-to-end wireless infrastructure solutions, introduced its Micro Twin(TM) 2100 and its Twin TMA 1800 tower-mounted amplifiers, here today at 3GSM World Congress, the mobile industry's premier event, taking place in Cannes, France Feb. 14-17.

These next-generation tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs) enable base stations to receive signals more clearly in a wider coverage area, and reduce handset transmitted power requirements. Benefits include improved network coverage and quality, increased data capacity and speed, and extended battery life for handsets.

Featuring a break-though compact design, the Micro Twin 2100 is less than half the size of conventional designs, with a volume of only 1.4 liters. Compatible with most Node B systems, the Micro Twin 2100 consists of two full-band TMAs in one housing, which simplifies site acquisition and reduces visual impact.

The compact design enables the Micro Twin 2100 to be placed next to the antenna, delivering a cutting-edge noise figure. Containing TMAs for both the main and diversity branch, the Micro Twin 2100 fits perfectly with cross-pole antennas, and features automatic current alarm fall back to support installations with current alarm supervision.

For deployment in GSM1800 networks, Powerwave's Twin TMA-DD 1800 consists of two, full-band TMAs, with the same volume as one unit (2.9 liters), simplifying logistics and installation. The Twin TMA 1800 delivers increased network capacity and coverage in a compact form factor that reduces wind load and visual impact.

"As a leading supplier of tower-mounted amplifiers, Powerwave offers one of the industry's largest and most diverse offerings of amplifier systems for Cellular, PCS and 3G wireless networks, and has more than 600,000 TMAs deployed worldwide," said Ronald J. Buschur, president and chief executive officer, Powerwave Technologies. "Our new Micro Twin 2100 and Twin TMA 1800 deliver both compact design and the power to optimize networks, providing benefits for both the network operator and consumers."

Both the Micro Twin 2100 and the Twin TMA 1800 are compliant with the Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG).

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