Silicon Space Technology (SST) Demonstrates ARM® Cortex® – M0-based Processor and SRAM Solutions Operating at 250C beyond 250 Hours
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Silicon Space Technology (SST) Demonstrates ARM® Cortex® – M0-based Processor and SRAM Solutions Operating at 250C beyond 250 Hours

Extending the limits of what’s possible when designing for today’s extreme high-temperature applications like drilling, industrial systems and engine control

AUSTIN, Texas — (BUSINESS WIRE) — September 18, 2014 — SST announced the successful testing of temperature-hardened components operating at 250C for more than 250 hours. As testing continues to further demonstrate reliability, this achievement is a significant milestone for extreme environments where industrial- (<125C temp) or commercial- (<85C temp) designed parts are traditionally used – and the operating life for these types of parts decreases as temperatures increase. SST solutions operate at much higher temperatures while significantly increasing operating lifetimes – providing new oil & gas exploration opportunities and enabling on-engine control for greater fuel efficiency in industrial, aerospace and automotive applications.

A new temperature-hardened 18 Mb SRAM expands SST’s portfolio which includes an 8 Mb and 16 Mb SRAM, as well as the first in a series of high-temperature ruggedized computing platforms – an ARM® Cortex® – M0-based processor. With these solutions, engineers are able to simplify system designs and set new standards for performance and reliability in harsh high-temperature environments.

SST has an ARM® Cortex® – M0-based Processor and 18 Mb SRAM evaluation board available for purchase. Visit for more information.

“Operating temperatures in today’s oil & gas, construction drilling and engine control applications often exceed 150C – 175C, and companies have to invest significant R&D to mitigate against temperature limitations of their electronics,” said David Patterson, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Our ruggedized computing solutions will enable these companies to operate reliably at temperatures above 200C without the costly R&D.”

About Silicon Space Technology

Silicon Space Technology is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company based in Austin, TX that provides integrated radiation-hardened (>300 Krads, latchup immune) and temperature-hardened (125C – 250C) solutions for extreme applications in the oil & gas, space, automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical and food & health industries. The patented HardSIL™ technology process delivers proven, industry-leading hardening in a number of products – including SRAMs, microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) – at the CMOS process-level while increasing overall product reliability. As a result of SST’s unique technologies and solutions, system engineers are able to extend the limits of what’s possible in designing ruggedized computing and control devices and applications for today’s – and tomorrow’s – extreme environments. For more information, visit


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