Semico Spin - More Than Trees Growing in Luther Forest
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Semico Spin - More Than Trees Growing in Luther Forest

Semico Spin

More Than Trees Growing in Luther Forest

Last week Semico visited the GLOBALFOUNDRIES' Fab 8 construction site and was impressed for several reasons. Not only is the infrastructure significant but the people and surrounding community have welcomed GLOBALFOUDNRIES, embraced the project as well as the invasion of businesses and people that go along with the project. This made our visit extremely pleasant and trouble-free.


The GLOBALFOUNDRIES fab is a multi-billion dollar facility that is on schedule and on budget! That's noteworthy when we consider this is the first major project for the Luther Forest Technology Campus and a major portion of the infrastructure construction took place during the Upstate New York winter.


The size of this project is difficult to comprehend. The Luther Forest complex is 1400 acres. GF owns 220 acres and cleared 110 acres for development of Fab 8. The site is supplied by three electricity substations and two electric utility companies,  

National Grid and NY State Electric and Gas (NYSEG). M+W Group is the construction contractor.  


They provided a concrete processing facility on-site to accommodate the 60,000 yards of concrete that was poured in just one month. But concrete is only one of a massive amount of material that has gone into the building of this plant. We were really curious who got the order for the 30,000 beach balls that were used to plug the waffle flooring before the resistive coating was applied. Someone was definitely thinking outside the box on that solution.





An Analog Devices Inertial Sensor for Down-Hole Drilling

The temperature, shock and vibration requirements for components used in down-hole drilling are exceeded perhaps only by the requirements for components used in Hades, whatever those might be.  An oil well drill bit is not only subject to temperatures that may be beyond 200C, it is also subject to vibration while the bit is rotating and severe shock when the drill string is pulled or new sections are added.   Amazingly, Analog Devices new inertial sensor, part number ADXL206, which combines a MEMS accelerometer and the required logic on one IC, meets the down-hole requirements at a fraction of the cost and size of previous solutions.


Oil wells are no longer only drilled straight down.  They are often drilled at a slant to reach an oil field from an accessible location.  They are also often threaded around obstacles such as water or hard rock.  This requires an extremely accurate measurement of the tilt and direction of the drill bit.  The Analog Devices inertial sensor provides that measurement.  This part also has an application when the well is completed, when it can be used to monitor vibration from the down-hole pump to provide an early warning of a potential failure of the pumping apparatus.




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