Pyxis Technology Continues Growth, Achieves Funding Milestone
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Pyxis Technology Continues Growth, Achieves Funding Milestone

NexusRoute-HPC Meets Growing Demand for High-Performance Custom Design Solutions

AUSTIN, Texas — (BUSINESS WIRE) — September 30, 2009 — Pyxis Technology, Inc., the company innovating software solutions for the physical design and routing of custom and system-on-chip (SoC) integrated circuits (ICs), has received the second tranche of cash from its latest U.S. $3 million funding round. This funding milestone recognizes the continued positive growth of the Pyxis business with mixed-signal and analog IC developers, increased business partnerships, and the technical achievements of the Pyxis engineering team in delivering the NexusRoute-HPC custom design product. The financing is provided by investors Austin Ventures, CMEA Ventures, Formative Ventures and KT Venture Group.

The Pyxis NexusRoute-HPC product delivers orders of magnitude faster routing speed and analysis for high-performance custom designs. Over the last year, Pyxis has developed a new custom layout solution that optimizes the routing of advanced analog and mixed-signal designs. Combined with design layout and placement tools, the Pyxis NexusRoute-HPC tool provides powerful all-level hierarchical routing without abstracts, leading to the improved performance and compaction of custom IC designs. A number of the leading electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have installed Pyxis technology; and five major tapeouts have so far been achieved.

“With custom layout now taking over as much as 25% of chip area, routing and chip finishing has become the gating factor delaying the release of multi-million dollar designs,” said Phil Bishop, CEO of Pyxis. “This funding milestone recognizes both the technical progress of Pyxis and the business growth potential shown in custom design. The NexusRoute-HPC technology is the industry leading routing solution for a growing list of custom IC customers and partners worldwide.”

About Pyxis

Pyxis Technology delivers software solutions to address the problems that chip designers and foundries face in the physical design, layout, and routing of custom and system-on-chip (SoC) integrated circuits (ICs). Pyxis NexusRoute-HPC has been architected to support the needs of today’s digital and analog custom designers. NexusRoute-HPC reduces custom design time from weeks to hours by providing assisted, automated hierarchical routing, design rule checking, interactive analog constraints, matching pair routing, and resistance and capacitance analysis and optimization. All NexusRoute technology is based on open, industry-standard interfaces and has been integrated into existing industry leading custom and SoC design flows. For more information, see



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