Radan’s 2010 R1 delivers efficiency, automation and ease-of-use
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Radan’s 2010 R1 delivers efficiency, automation and ease-of-use

Developed to build on the productivity enhancing features introduced in previous versions, the latest release of Planit’s market leading Radan sheetmetal CAD/CAM Software, 2010 R1 offers even more.

Whether designing or importing models, Radan is comfortable working with multiple formats of 2D and 3D CAD data.

In this latest release, there are enhancements to the 2D CAD module, including an improved DXF interface and in 3D, the introduction of the latest ACIS Kernel offers greater stability and performance when loading Catia and Parasolid files.

“There is continued pressure on optimal material usage and in this version we have added important functionality to achieve this,” states Olaf Körner, Radan Product Manager.

At the core of Radan 2010 R1’s nesting is the new Nest Projects enhancement, which accommodates production changes effortlessly by allowing customers to visualise multiple nests, change priorities, and automatically or manually control nesting functions. Radan users will also see a significant increase in material utilisation with these new changes to our nesting software. The new Nest Projects enhancement allows parts to be grouped by a chosen property, such as material type or thickness of a part. Users can choose to use the true shape nesting in addition to rectangular nesting which provides enhanced part control and improved sorting capabilities to achieve optimal sheet material utilisation. This enhancement also allows increased visibility of the nesting performance, provides remnant tracking and creation, and combines it with a simple interface for MRP integration.

New options are also available for tool path optimisation routines. Users have greater control by optimising a specific region rather than the whole sheet. Any repositions are also taken into account when changing the automatic routines, and subroutines are created if necessary.

Radan users can also expect to see more automated functions to control part and part picker movements in the 2010 R1 version. For example, a strategy can be set to define the order in removing the part or scrap operation. A new ‘Constrain’ option has been added to allow users to control the movements of the part and part picker during unloading functions for their machines resulting in a more controlled and safer environment.

“Achieving the balance between powerful functionality and ease-of-use is an ongoing challenge, but in 2010 R1 I feel we have accomplished that across the product,” comments Olaf Körner.