Sescoi participates in die and mold seminars across India.
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Sescoi participates in die and mold seminars across India.

September 01, 2009 -- Sescoi is building on the success of its WorkNC CAM/CAD system and ERP solutions in the Indian market by participating in a series of Die and Mold seminars organized by IMTMA, the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association. The fourth in the series, held in Hyderabad at the end of July, welcomed owners and engineers from the many die and mold companies based in this area.

Sescoi experts were on hand to explain the cost advantages of an automated CAM/CAD system such as WorkNC and a presentation was given clearly outlining the benefits of using an ERP system such as MyWorkPLAN and WorkPLAN Enterprise software.

In this latter presentation, a leading Sescoi ERP consultant explained that accurate costing and quotation production are key elements of ERP systems, which use historic and real time data to capture an exact snapshot of the status of the factory at any given time. He went on to show how managers can use the power of ERP to ensure that the price for a job is realistic, track its progress to ensure on time delivery, monitor its quality status and check for cost overruns. Furthermore, reports tailored to the needs of each company keep track of key performance indicators to ensure that profitability levels are on target.

Sescoi developed MyWorkPLAN and WorkPLAN Enterprise specifically for project based companies such as mold and die and special purpose machine manufacturers. It used its 20 years of experience within the industry to tailor the software exactly to the needs of its customers, so that installation and implementation is easy and operation of the software simple.

According to Sescoi, many of the challenges faced by Indian mold and die manufacturers can be overcome through the implementation of ERP or job management software. Efficient use of existing resources and accurate costing will have a huge impact on profitability and productivity. However, Sescoi also warns against excessively customized software that is complex to operate, has high start up costs and may well fall into disuse after implementation.

Following the seminar presentations, engineers visited local company, Vasantha Toolcrafts’, toolroom where they could see some of the technology in action and hear how this very professional company is investing in improving their working process to become even more competitive in worldwide markets. To this end Vasantha Toolcrafts has recently acquired Sescoi’s MyWorkPLAN job management system.

The success of the first four seminars has prompted the IMTMA to plan to replicate the sessions in other Indian cities so that many more Indian die and moldmakers can learn about latest technology, best practice, Sescoi’s ERP and CAD/CAM experience in the domain, and determine how best to apply the knowledge to their own operations.

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