Oasys Design Systems Revolutionizes Synthesis for 20M+ Gate Designs
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Oasys Design Systems Revolutionizes Synthesis for 20M+ Gate Designs

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — July 13, 2009 Oasys Design Systems today came out of stealth mode operation to unveil "Chip Synthesis," a new EDA product category that company founders say reinvents RTL synthesis for chips beyond 20-million gates. The Oasys Chip Synthesis technology can synthesize an entire design from RTL to placed gates in a single bite, and do it in a fraction of the time. Leading-edge semiconductor companies worldwide have started using Oasys.

“The Oasys technology has been built from the ground up to overcome some of the very fundamental limitations of traditional RTL and physical synthesis tools,” said Paul van Besouw, president/CEO of Oasys Design Systems. “This is a new platform for RTL design that can handle today’s most complex designs. The early consideration of physical information using Oasys’ unique Place First approach ensures the best quality of results and a convergent flow all the way through layout.”

Founded in 2004, Oasys recently attracted the support of legendary EDA leadership. The board of directors includes Joe Costello, former CEO of Cadence Design Systems, Sanjiv Kaul, former Sr. VP and GM of Synopsys, and Larry Yoshida, former CEO of Innotech and Tokyo Electron.

"The EDA industry began with a flurry of invention and was maintained by incremental innovation. Breakthrough innovation is the only way to rejuvenate the EDA industry," said Costello. "When I learned of the Oasys approach to a significant problem, I saw real invention again. I had to get involved."

Kaul added, "There comes a time in every industry when incremental improvements are no longer sufficient. The Oasys solution is so revolutionary it creates a new product category that overcomes the challenges of today's mega designs. This is the next platform for design implementation."

"A successful sales program begins by listening to the pain of the customer base," Yoshida stated. "Oasys Design Systems began their process of invention with that pain as the starting place, and that will make all the difference."

About Oasys Design Systems

Oasys Design Systems is a privately funded company providing Chip Synthesis technology, a fundamental shift in how synthesis is applied to the design and implementation of IC’s larger than 20 million gates. The company has attracted the support of legendary EDA leadership and its products are in use at leading edge semiconductor and systems companies worldwide. For more information visit the website at http://www.oasys-ds.com


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