Simberian Announces Update Release of Simbeor Electromagnetic Tool
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Simberian Announces Update Release of Simbeor Electromagnetic Tool

Seattle, WA - March 19, 2009 - Simberian, Inc., a developer of leading edge electromagnetic software for high-speed electronic design automation, announced today release of Simbeor® 2008.01.  Simbeor 2008.01 is the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution for physical design of PCB and packaging interconnects operating at 6-100 Gb/s and beyond. Simbeor has been updated with new geometry import and selection capabilities, new broad-band SPICE model generator and new fast time-domain simulator.

"Classical signal integrity tools with static field solvers are not reliable at microwave frequencies starting from 3 GHz or 6 Gb/s where the board size becomes comparable or larger than wave-length. As the result, we see more and more customers switching from to 6 Gb/s or high data rates and experiencing design failures because of limitations of their SI tools used to validate the designs" said Dr. Yuriy Shlepnev, president and founder of Simberian Inc.  "3D full-wave electromagnetic tools must be used instead to design working interconnects on PCBs and in packages at these data rates. Such tools are typically created for microwave engineers, notoriously hard to use, and very expensive.  Simbeor is the industry-first electromagnetic tool developed for the signal integrity and EMI engineers to enable the smooth transition into the microwave domain at low cost. The last update release provides a complete set of features for exploration and verification of interconnects on PCBs."

Features in Simbeor 2008.01 software now include:

·         Geometry import from Allegro PCB format to facilitate post-layout verification in Allegro design flow

·         Geometry selection for fast and accurate automatic de-compositional electromagnetic analysis of  PCB interconnects

·         New rational compact and broad-band SPICE model generators to facilitate frequency and time-domain analysis of  connectors, packages and complete data links in Simbeor and SPICE solvers

·         New fast recursive convolution simulator for time-domain compliance analysis of  interconnects

·         Auto-connect feature for fast description of schematics for linear channels

·         Interpolative frequency sweeps to accelerate electromagnetic analysis


For additional information and to download Simbeor 2008 for evaluation, please visit Uwww.simberian.comUT

Pricing and availability

Simbeor 2008 runs on any computer with Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit and 64 bit) and compatible OS. Simbeor features are united into three license levels. US list price for annual node-locked license of Simbeor with all features included  is $7,500. Network or floating licenses are also available. To ensure customers' success, Simberian offers free online webinars and training classes, technical product support. Software updates are also included with an annual license of Simbeor. For more information on product pricing and availability, contact Simberian at H Email ContactH or +1-206-726-1098.

Company Information

Simberian, Inc. is a developer of leading edge electromagnetic software for the high-speed electronic design automation. Simberian goal is to build easy to use, efficient, and cost-effective electromagnetic software, while addressing the critical needs of the interconnect developers. Simberian mission is to help our customers worldwide to push performance limits of high-speed PCBs and multilayed packages to shorten product time to market achieving design objectives more cost effectively and efficiently.


Simberian and Simbeor are registered trademarks of Simberian Inc.



For more information, please contact:

Yuriy Shlepnev

Simberian Inc.

Tel. +1-206-409-2368