Apache Continues Record Quarter Sales Success in Third Quarter
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Apache Continues Record Quarter Sales Success in Third Quarter

Adds New Customers and Expands R&D Operations

Mountain View, Calif. - October 24, 2006- Apache Design Solutions, the technology leader in full-chip dynamic power and noise solution for system-on-chip (SoC) designs, today announced that the company has achieved its 15th consecutive quarter of record bookings and revenue, while maintaining profitability. Apache also continues its global expansion plans with the opening of R&D centers in China, India, and Taiwan.

Apache's business growth includes continued expansion of licenses in existing accounts and new customers, as well as multi-year orders for the recently announced Sahara-PTE product. Apache also maintains a 100% renewal rate with customers in Q3.

"Apache's commitment to address our customers' top design concerns in SoC power and noise, as well as our first-class support team, continues to drive our growth," stated Craig Shirley, vice president of worldwide sales at Apache. "With the recently released Sahara-PTE for power-thermal-electrical analysis, Apache upholds its leadership position in this critical market by delivering the only platform solution to address the power integrity needs."

"Continued profitability and international growth signifies the long term stability of the company," said Andrew Yang, CEO of Apache. "We are pleased that our customers are partnering with us for our expertise in addressing the signoff challenges of advanced SoC designs."

About RedHawk
RedHawk is a full-chip Vectorless Dynamic™ physical power integrity solution for SoC power closure sign-off of 130nm, 90nm, and 65nm designs. Correlated with silicon measurements and SPICE, RedHawk addresses dynamic power issues such as simultaneous switching output (SSO) for core, memory, clock, and I/O, as well as effects of on-chip inductance, package RLC, and decoupling capacitance. RedHawk delivers transistor-level accuracy with cell-based capacity, performance, and ease-of-use.

With RedHawk, designers can identify dynamic "hot spots," examine the impact on timing, accurately pinpoint the cause of dynamic voltage drop, and automatically repair the source of supply noise. RedHawk enables designers to reach power closure sign-off for high performance SoCs, including those utilizing advanced low-power design techniques such as leakage current control, MTCMOS (power-gating), multiple voltage domains, and multiple threshold transistors.

About Sahara-PTE
Sahara is the industry's first fully integrated power-thermal-electrical analysis solution for SoC designs. Its layout-driven platform includes built-in power/thermal/noise library, incremental RLC extraction for power, noise, and temperature, and tightly coupled high-capacity, high-performance power-thermal-electrical analysis engine, all within a single analysis, diagnosis, and debugging environment. With Sahara-PTE, designers can analyze the impact of temperature and temperature variation on leakage, timing, voltage-drop, and reliability.

About Apache Design Solutions
Apache is an EDA software supplier of innovative next-generation silicon integrity platforms for low-power, high-performance system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs. By considering all sources of noise that impacts the design, such as power, signal, package / system IO, substrate, and temperature, Apache's silicon signoff platform enables designers of leading networking, wireless, communication, consumer, and semiconductor companies to detect, fix, and prevent design weaknesses that can result in reduced yield or failed silicon. Apache's vendor neutral platform enables designers to adopt any industry's standard physical design flow and is certified by TSMC's Reference Flow (NYSE: TSM). Apache has direct sales and support offices worldwide with over 40 customers, including 7 of the top 10 semiconductor companies. For more information, visit www.apache-da.com Apache Design Solutions, NSPICE, RedHawk, PsiWinder, Sahara-PTE, and Vectorless Dynamic are trademarks of Apache Design Solutions, Inc.


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