Azul Systems Renews License for Rio Design Automation's RioMagic
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Azul Systems Renews License for Rio Design Automation's RioMagic

Package-Aware Chip Design Software Ensured Design Quality, Predictability of Azul Systems Second Generation Vega 2 Processor

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—March 28, 2006— Rio Design Automation Inc. today announced that Azul Systems, the pioneer of the first network attached processing solution designed to unbound compute resources for transaction-intensive applications, has renewed its RioMagic license.

RioMagic, electronic design automation (EDA) software introduced earlier this year, is package-aware chip design and optimization software to bridge the gap between the design of high-performance integrated circuits (ICs), their packages and the rest of the system design. Azul Systems chose Rio to design its second generation processor, known as Azul(R) Vega(TM) 2 processor, in order to reduce costs and iterations. The Vega 2 processor is the world's largest multicore single chip packed with 48 cores per silicon die; Azul will utilize up to sixteen of them to build 768-way systems, continuing to hold their reign as the provider of the world's largest symmetric multi-processing systems (SMPs). Azul recently announced that Vega 2 chips are up and working in their labs and expect general availability of systems in 2007:

"The Rio Design Automation's RioMagic has proven itself in many ways," says Paul Koike, senior director, silicon engineering at Azul Systems. "Not only did we achieve greater design quality and predictability of the Vega 2 processor, but the innovative tool also enabled us to greatly reduce the number of costly and time consuming iterations."

RioMagic considers package escape, routability and parasitics, and enables simultaneous tradeoffs between chip and package design. Employing an interconnect synthesis approach, it analyzes a wide range of variables to converge on a final I/O plan. With its embedded chip/package extraction, estimation and simulation capabilities for signal and power integrity, the impact on electrical performance is understood and addressed before final implementation.

"We are pleased and honored to have Azul Systems as an early customer," comments Kaushik Sheth, Rio Design Automation's chief executive officer. "Not only did Azul's world-class engineers work with us to refine the product, they also benefited from RioMagic software, enabling systems and chip designers to benefit from the solution's concurrent design methodology for chip, package and system attributes."

About Azul Systems

Azul Systems Inc, has pioneered the industry's first network attached processing solution, designed to unbound compute resources for transaction-intensive applications and services. Without application level modifications, binary compatibility requirements or operating system dependencies, this fundamentally new approach eliminates the need to capacity plan at the application level and dramatically lowers the cost and complexity associated with the traditional delivery of computing resources. More information on Azul Systems can be found at

About Rio Design Automation

Rio Design Automation is an electronic design automation (EDA) company bridging the gap between the design of high-performance integrated circuits (ICs) and packages, and a chip's integration with the rest of the electronic system. Its revolutionary approach offers chip designers package-aware software to that enables I/O optimization tradeoffs to take place in the context of the package and the printed circuit board (PCB). Corporate headquarters is located at: 2901 Tasman Drive, Suite 112, Santa Clara, Calif. 95054. Telephone: (408) 844-8038. Facsimile: (408) 844-8945. Email: Website:

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