Silicon Canvas Offers a Complete Analog Design Platform with the Release of Laker ADP
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Silicon Canvas Offers a Complete Analog Design Platform with the Release of Laker ADP

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 30, 2005 - Silicon Canvas, Inc., the EDA technology leader in custom design, today announced the release of a modern analog develop platform, Laker ADP (Analog Design Platform), which includes a schematic entry, a simulation control console, and a waveform viewer. Together with its widely accepted custom layout products, Silicon Canvas is moving to a true concurrent and unified custom design and verification environment developed with efficiency, connectivity, capacity and deep submicron challenges in mind.

Over 80% of all new SoC designs contain analog/Mixed-Signal components, which quickly become the bottleneck for many teams due to the lack of innovative and capable analog EDA tools compared to its counterpart digital EDA tools. Inspired by the cumbersome approaches of existing tools and the apparent lack of innovation and improvement in the field of custom design for the past 15 years, Laker ADP has been designed to remove those burdens from the user and promotes "correct-by-construction" methodology.

The unified database approach provides easy design entry either from scratch or from a previous design. Spice, CDL, EDIF and Laker-AMS data are easily imported to Laker-SE (Schematic Editor) for effective, smooth, and clear transfer of design intent, attributes and parameters from Circuit Design to Mask Design. An intelligent schematic generator allows the construct of readable schematic from a spice netlist. Customers have commented that the intelligent engine recognizing circuit constructs, draws better then some of their own circuit designers.

The Simulation Control Consol provides interfaces to all of the mainstream simulation tools. Laker ADP currently integrates with Hspice, Eldo, MSIM and ADiT, with HSIM and NanoSim integration to be completed in Q4, 2006. The integrated analog waveform viewer and analyzer allow interactive cross probing, analysis and back annotation of simulation result to the schematic.

"We have been told that the biggest challenge of today's designers is the reduction of their design cycle time. An ideal design platform should start from effective legacy design reuse, an advanced schematic capture system, open simulation interface, and powerful debugging capabilities into a constrain-driven layout flow" said Hau-Yung Chen, President of Silicon Canvas. "This introduction of Laker ADP is a big step toward our commitment to deliver a fully functional and truly advanced design work flow."

All of these capabilities are available right out of the box without scripting and significant CAD support. The open system and tightly integrated design, simulation and debugging environment of Laker ADP offers real time-to-tape-out advantages at a low switching cost.

Pricing & Availability
The Laker ADP is available immediately and is supported on the Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux platforms including AMD Opteron machines. For more information and the price, please contact your local sales office or send email to Email Contact.

About Silicon Canvas
Silicon Canvas is the technology leader for full custom layout solutions. The company develops the Laker suite of tools - a completely new technology founded on best practices in computer software engineering with a clear focus on nanometer design requirements for analog, mixed signal, large complex IC's, ASSP, SoC, test key designs and flat panel layout. Silicon Canvas' toolset brings significant automation advantages and high performance capabilities to any design project requiring a more effective full custom design solution. Customer applications include processors, computing systems, networking, telecommunication, and graphics ICs.

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