Silicon Canvas Releases Laker Version 3.1 with EDIF Support to Facilitate Schematic-Driven Full Custom Layout Flow
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Silicon Canvas Releases Laker Version 3.1 with EDIF Support to Facilitate Schematic-Driven Full Custom Layout Flow

Features and Ease-of-Use Deliver the Best in Class Schematic-Driven-Layout flow for Real-World Custom Designs

San Jose, Calif., Dec. 29 Silicon Canvas, Inc. (SCI) today announced the release of Laker version 3.1. Highlights of this new release include EDIF 200 symbol and netlist support with topological placement, advanced features such as net router, pattern recognition for layout reuse, and auto drc correction. Also included in this release is the interface to MatrixOne's (formerly Synchronicity's) DesignSync version control tool. The patented Magic Cell´┐Ż technology has been enhanced to support inter-digitized resistor and capacitor patterns, as well as, dummy gates to reduce linewidth control pattern anomalies of transistors. This new release is more attractive to a broad range of existing customers and new prospects because of their increased interest and desire to shift from a traditional polygon pushing methodology to a schematic driven layout flow methodology.

Laker has long been a recognized reference standard for full custom layout solutions, with more than 180 companies worldwide using it to deliver more than 1000 successful chip tapeouts.

Key new features and enhancements in Laker version 3.1 are listed below:

With EDIF support, all schematic capture customers can have a smooth and straightforward flow migration to Laker's environment. Customers will immediately benefit from the flexible and proven schematic-driven-layout methodology as they experience a significant increase in productivity in their real-world custom design projects. Many customers have been testing Laker 3.1 with EDIF flow and have experienced great productivity gains. MediaTek, the world leading supplier of DVD chipsets is among one of them. "In MediaTek, we use Laker as our full custom layout editor. With new EDIF support, we jump our custom layout flow from polygon-pushing to Schematic-Driven Layout. Laker EDIF flow not only allows us to deliver Correct-by-Construction layout result, but more importantly it bridges our circuit design and custom layout flow."

About Laker
The Laker layout system is the next generation full custom layout solution. Its patented Magic Cell, Rule-Driven, and automation technology conservatively deliver 6X productivity gains over existing methodologies. With more than 1000 chip tapeouts, Laker is a proven product for designs ranging from analog-mixed signal to multi-million gate SoC designs.

Pricing and Availability
Laker 3.1 is available now. Laker is supported on the Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux platforms including AMD Opteron machines. For more information and the price structure, please contact Email Contact.

About Silicon Canvas
Silicon Canvas is the technology leader for full custom layout solutions. The company develops the Laker suite of tools - a completely new technology founded on best practices in computer software engineering with a clear focus on nanometer design requirements for analog, mixed signal, large complex IC's, ASSP, SoC, and test key designs. Silicon Canvas' toolset provides more automation and high performance capabilities to any design project which requires a more effective full custom layout solution. Customer applications include processors, computing systems, networking, telecommunication, and graphics ICs.

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