MAGILLEM will exhibit at the Design Automation Conference (DAC), booth #1413, 5-9 June 2016, Austin TX (USA)
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MAGILLEM will exhibit at the Design Automation Conference (DAC), booth #1413, 5-9 June 2016, Austin TX (USA)

   Magillem, the leading XML-based Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software provider, exhibits at the Austin Convention Center (TX, USA), for the famous Design Automation Conference (DAC).

   Magillem provides a leading edge tools suite to solve SoC integration challenges with a non-disruptive IDE bringing fluidity, flexibility, seamless execution to the front end design flow.

   Magillem’s innovative technology enables the integration of specification, design and documentation into a unique process. 

   This year at DAC , Magillem demonstrates for the first time  Magillem Link Tracer (MLT), MLT is an exclusive new module that focusses on data traceability, from specification to design to documentation. Magillem also presents a new use case of its X-Spec® solution to enable Multi Domain Virtual Protoyping (MDVP)


Magillem Link Tracer (MLT): Full Traceability in the front end design flow! 


   Magillem Link Tracer (MLT) offers to Magillem users a solution to create, edit and manage interdependencies between the various and heterogeneous system data and properties that are crucial to trace in a design flow.

   Documents from system requirements, system models, specification, subsystem metamodels, executable models, test plans, test requirements, scoreboard, and so on…, are interconnected in a non-intrusive way, thanks to MLT. 

   Tracing interdependencies consisting of dynamic typed links between the content of data and documents, opens a new perspective on traceability in EDA.

   Managing consistency of system information as a whole, as well as imbrications between the diversity of files composing the design environment is key. Now, for functional and extra-funtional properties in embedded system designs, Magillem Link Tracer:

   « MLT offers unique capabilities thanks to its understanding of the design data semantics. » says Vincent THIBAUT,  VP Strategic Customers, « Thanks to many years spent on the deployment of the state-of-the-art SOC design methodology Magillem is leveraging its knowhow to promote a truly innovative traceability solution for a design flow from Specification to Documentation as well as for certification. »

   At DAC, we will demonstrate MLT capabilities and features on a design case:

- Create links between multiple resources: Requirements, Spec, Design data, Documentation

- Compute impact of change of one of the resources to the others

- Display those impact and propose different consolidation strategies

- Propagate modification of content when required.       


Magillem X-Spec® (MXS): Virtual Prototyping for all !


   New types of emerging applications require close interactions between the electronic system and its surrounding environment in different physical domains (optical, mechanical, acoustical, biological, etc…). Multiple and diverse, these applications cover robotics and industrial automated systems,  body motion reconstruction, rehabilitation, virtual reality, gaming, personal navigation devices and location-based service, wearable sensors for healthcare, fitness, sports training...

   The challenge is to specify, dimension and verify the multi-domain electronic system to avoid errors and redesigns that hamper product quality and thus time to market. The most efficient way to address this challenge is to build a Multi Domain Virtual Prototype (MDVP) to verify the functionality of the electronic system across various physical domains. Magillem’s unique Virtual Prototyping solution (X-Spec®) based on open standards (IP-XACT, SystemC-TLM and SystemC-AMS) allows:

   “Magillem’s X-Spec® EDA tool suite democratizes the Virtual Prototyping by providing an open, simple and straightforward flow from specification to execution”, says Jean-Michel FERNANDEZ, VP Embedded Systems Product Line. “Bringing the Virtual Prototypes in the hands of the next generation of engineers that develop systems that cross multiple domains. With Magillem X-Spec®, you just execute your specs in a few clicks, enabling the creation, integration, validation, configuration, reuse, versioning, execution and sharing your Multi-Domain Virtual Prototypes.”


Since its creation in 2006, Magillem has been the pioneer in leveraging business content in top tier accounts worldwide. Magillem has been listed on Euronext Paris since 2009 (FR0010827741) and is trusted by numerous clients like Altera, Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, NXP, ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, Thales, l’Agence Spatiale Européenne and the European Union. In 2015-2016, company sales will top US$9million, 94% from export.

Magillem has 48 employees, including 45 engineers and PhDs in Research & Development alone. It also has an office in Tokyo, 4 agencies in the United States (New York, Austin and the San Francisco Bay area) and 8 distributors in Asia and Israel.

Magillem is a member of Minalogic, Systematic and Cap Digital competitive business clusters, and in a joint research laboratory with French CEA List on the topic of smart objects.

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