Electronic PLM solution from Zuken offers proven reductions in component overhead, BOM generation and ECO cycle time
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Electronic PLM solution from Zuken offers proven reductions in component overhead, BOM generation and ECO cycle time

May 17, 2004 - Zuken, a leading provider of EDA solutions and electronics manufacturing solutions will feature the company’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions for the electronics industry, known as e-PLM, for the first time at DAC. Uniquely, this fully customized solution is driven from the design environment, where 70-80% of product costs are determined. It fully integrates electronics engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management into a single corporate business process.

By providing direct integration and homogenized processes among schematic, layout, material master, bill-of-materials (BOM), procurement, and manufacturing, an electronic product company can fully integrate the engineering process and systems directly with business and manufacturing systems. Measured benefits include up to 50% reduction in component overhead and 12X reduction in BOM generation cycle time. e-PLM was designed specifically to manage electronics products and each installation is a unique and fully customized solution.

Projects start with analysis of a company's business processes related to engineering, manufacturing, and product lifecycle. Problems and bottlenecks are identified and a fully documented process flow is delivered. Zuken then analyzes the information and helps customers develop an ideal business process that solves their unique problems and streamlines the business. Software solutions are then designed to fit the new process and Zuken combines packaged software, optimized for the electronics industry, with needs-specific customization and setup to fully support the new business process. Zuken then works with its customers to ensure successful implementation. By providing a fully integrated EDA / PLM solution, supplemented with direct integrations to ERP and supply chain environments, the electronics engineering environment no longer sits outside the information flow.

“What makes Zuken's e-PLM solution unique is that it was designed from the ground up to manage electronic products - it is not a one-size-fits-all PDM / PLM solution. Electronic products have unique requirements and processes and Zuken has the expertise and the software tools to address them”, commented Kent McLeroth, Vice President e-PLM Business Systems.

Although being promoted for the first time in the US at DAC, the e-PLM solution has been proven in over 100 implementations in Japan and Europe, and the benefits have been quantified in each case. Component standardization typically results in procurement cost savings. Design cycle times can be halved, with fewer prototypes needed, and cost reductions of 30% can result from a modular design approach. Simplification of databases can mean up to 80% less time searching for components, 35% reduction in administration and a 20% cut in the time and cost of checking components on the shop floor. These figures translate directly to the bottom line: a 25% reduction in time-to-market will typically increase profitability by 6% to 8%.

Commenting on their recent implementation, Pat Murray, Chief Information Officer, Philips Lighting Electronics, noted, "There were companies that alleged they were in the same space as Zuken, but when we did the research they didn't have the complete toolset that could tie our system together from end to end. This project has a complete payback of all costs within 24 months."

Zuken’s e-PLM solution is available now. Pricing varies depending upon customer requirements. For further information visit http://www.zuken.com/eplm/default.asp

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