Satin Technologies to Introduce Automated Design Monitoring at DAC 2012
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Satin Technologies to Introduce Automated Design Monitoring at DAC 2012

SatinTech MS™ enables smart design decisions throughout the design flow

MONTPELLIER, France – May 14, 2012 – Satin Technologies, the company that reinforces design flows with flexible and automated monitoring capabilities, will introduce a new product at DAC 2012 --  SatinTech MS™. SatinTech MS is a software solution that allows companies to create an automated monitoring environment for existing design and delivery practices and to make this environment available to designers for immediate productivity gains.

With SatinTech MS, methodologists and project leads can quickly build multiple checklists to reflect existing design processes, and then designers can run these checklists at any design step, in association with their current log files and other design flow artifacts. As a result, raw design data are turned into actionable information, and smart design decisions can be made with fact-based accountability. Extracting and presenting information in real time helps engineers to monitor issues before they impact the bottom line. Fast, easy collaboration based on a common set of facts not only fosters team communication but also reduces error and enables faster time to market.

Until recently, design teams have had to address their monitoring needs with home-made, ad hoc systems, generally based on Excel checklists that engineers fill in at every design stage. Home-made scripts can, in some cases, facilitate checklist updating, but overall the process remains largely manual. SatinTech MS is dedicated commercial software, more flexible and easier to keep current than solutions built upon spreadsheets and home-made scripts.

SatinTech MS enables designers to focus on developing reliable products with better productivity and collaboration rather than on the limitations of a given monitoring system. SatinTech MS is comprised of two components – Checklist Editor and Dashboard Composer™. More than just a dashboard, SatinTech MS can support any customer methodology, any design flow and any delivery practice. Checklist Editor helps assemble checklists in minutes by gathering individual metrics and quality criteria for simultaneous assessment. If needed metrics do not exist, they can be created on the fly and made self-assessable, with defined verdict rules. Dashboard Composer applies one or more checklists to a design project. A simple click on the “compute” button ensures that the dashboard is up to date. Dashboards can be composed and inspected in different views. Decision support features allow users to focus on their own business, anticipate potential issues and take corrective actions when needed.

Satin Technologies will be demonstrating SatinTech MS in booth #2210 at DAC 2012 in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, from June 4th to 6th.  For additional information, please see

About Satin Technologies

Satin Technologies provides a design monitoring environment that moves all members of a design team beyond scripts and spreadsheets. SatinTech MS™ is a software solution that allows customers to create an automated monitoring environment for any target product (from IP to system) and any design and delivery practice. It’s child’s play to create multiple checklists as a reflection of existing quality processes, link these checklists to design data, and produce fact-based, automated dashboards upon demand by application of one or several checklists to any current project.

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