DAC Is Over And Those That Did Not Attend Want To Know How It Was This Year
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DAC Is Over And Those That Did Not Attend Want To Know How It Was This Year

The burning questions I know you want answered are, …Were their any new companies, AND MORE IIMPORTANT, how is the job front.

You also want to know how the Mentor people feel about the offer from Cadence. I will address that in my next newsletter, as it just happened. I will tell you that already a handful has called me asking me what I have for them. I expect many more. This will be very interesting. ( I had to edit this in as breaking news).

Once again I find myself writing this column from a unique location. In the past it has been Chili's in LAX. Where I am now, certainly wayyyyy tops LAX, as I am on the top of MT Rainier, Washington. The top is down on my rental convertible, even though the temperature is 40-50 degrees; the sun is shining in a brilliantly blue sky. As I sit here looking at the most spectacular mountain top views imaginable, I decide to pull out my laptop and write this column in the middle of this magnificent splendor. Something is just not right with my decision to write, work, and what I am writing about is nowhere near as spectacular as what my eyes are feasting on. So let me get on with my column and then on with my sightseeing tour and mini after-DAC vacation.

This year DAC in my opinion, was more or less what was expected. No major surprises. Monday seemed a little slower, Tuesday and even Wednesday looked pretty busy. The several hundred typical Cadence people were nowhere in sight, leading to the perhaps less than usual congestion we usually see, and the typical milling around of those additional people. In talking to numerous CEO's and senior long-standing DAC regulars I learned two things. One (and most important to me) was that almost everyone reads this column and that was incredibly gratifying to learn. Second, (and not quite as important to me, but certainly to you), most were pleasantly optimistic at the current climate. Most I talked to see our industry continuing the consistent growth it has achieved, but perhaps not at the growth rate that many would optimistically like. All seemed satisfied, which I was very glad to hear.

I left DAC with 6 new companies, and 11 additional job specs, decent certainly by anyone's standards, Companies need people, and most felt Q3-Q4 would bring additional hiring. Needs continue to be incredibly specific, and like always in this business, it does not matter how many reqs you have, it only matters if they need what you have, when you have what they need and vice versa.

On a separate note, I heard confirmation from numerous CEO's on something I have written about previous. I am referring to more and more collaboration among closely related EDA companies. That is how the start-ups will better compete against the big boys. And like I have talked about before, the more forces joining together either through collaboration or through acquisition, the more hope there will be for more enticing exit strategies, and ongoing successes. OK, that's all I got, I am cold, sunburn and EDAed out. I will now give my full attention to this incredible site I am so glad to be witnessing, and take this opportunity to ummm chill out!

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