DAC this year is more about who WILL BE THERE, than who won't ... and who truly supports the EDA community.
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DAC this year is more about who WILL BE THERE, than who won't ... and who truly supports the EDA community.

This year, more than ever, DAC is more about who WILL BE THERE, than who won’t…and who truly supports the EDA community. Many are talking about how Cadence abandoned DAC…

I think that we should all focus and make it about who is showing…

DAC, 45 years strong, 45 years bringing the industry together to meet, greet, showcase ideas, and propagate innovation. Tens of Thousands have attended lively keynotes, panel discussions, tutorials, and vendor demos. Trade show success is rarely measured by absolute tangible results, but more by how many hands were shaken, contacts made, and ideas created. (And how many contest prizes were won, never forget that).

More important DAC has always been about OPPORTUNITY, AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS! This year when you walk the halls of DAC, look at all the friends, look at all the smiles, look at all the brilliant people assembled, many for so many years. Most important, look at how many new booths there will be…listen to the buzz on what technology seems to be getting hotter…find out what start-ups are emerging as real and viable companies. THAT’S WHAT MAKES DAC SO IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US. And that is why all of us should attend, support, and continue to strengthen this very important convention. EDA (and all the peripheral business) is still very strong and vibrant. Companies are desperately constantly calling me in need of new hires to help them achieve their innovative growth goals . Finding the right candidate is still the biggest challenge for virtually all the start-ups. Jobs are out there, good jobs, and I never leave DAC with less that 15 or so new reqs, and I expect no less this DAC.

I can never understand why people always try to kill something at the first mention of something negative. Last column I addressed how wonderful it is that companies that have not acquired EDA companies are now looking at the viability of doing so. And hopefully more and more EDA companies will join together to meet the challenges of the giants, because so many of the start-ups have really great product. So many start-ups are running their business profitably using the right business models and management. Most significant, there are more and more vehicles for a viable exit strategy, and that is really exciting.

Bottom line, jobs are still plentiful, hiring is robust. Like always, it just depends for both companies and candidates, that the right search is open when the right candidate is looking. It is and has always been about timing. EDA continues to grow while so much of the economy is not, and has proven time and time again of its strength. EDA is not a giant industry, but give me a niche industry that continues to prove itself successful for as many years as DAC has been around, and I will show you people making money every time.

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