Faraday Announces the most competitive USB 3.0 PHY in UMC 0.11um Aluminum Process
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Faraday Announces the most competitive USB 3.0 PHY in UMC 0.11um Aluminum Process

Hsinchu, Taiwan — December 9, 2010 — Faraday Technology Corporation (TAIEX: 3035) announced today that its USB 3.0 physical layer (PHY) is ready in UMC 0.11um aluminum (0.11um AE) process. The 0.11um AE PHY is dedicated to the cost- and power-sensitive applications, such as bridges, consumer products, and etc., which usually stay in the legacy processes. Several customers have adopted Faraday's 0.11um AE PHY in their next generation products for better competitiveness.

"We have delivered USB 3.0 device controller and PHYs in UMC 0.13um and 90nm to our customers, and most of their products have entered into mass production. The newly-launched 0.11um AE PHY not only completes Faraday's offerings, but also serves as another optimal choice for those cost- and power-sensitive applications," said Y. K. Tseng, Associate Vice President at Faraday." Further, to our design team, this technology breakthrough indicates another great milestone since it is much more challenging to achieve the SuperSpeed of 5Gbps in 0.11um aluminum process than that in 0.13um and 90nm," he added.

Faraday's USB 3.0 0.11um AE PHY is the most competitive in chip and system perspective. The cost advantage was achieved by exquisite design in reducing the required peripheral components in the PHY. Further to the die area reduction, the power consumption of the 0.11um AE PHY is lowered dramatically in all the four power states of U0 to U3, and that in the U3 mode is around 1mW. The power and die area saving of this PHY would significantly enhance customers' product strength.

"The shipment of desktop and laptop with USB 3.0 ports in 2011 is expected to grow around 10 times than in year 2010. To meet such strong demand, Faraday have equipped our customers with the most enchanting solutions in terms of performance, power, size, and cost, covering most mainstream processes and their corresponding half nodes," said Steve Wang, Chief Strategy Officer at Faraday. "The readiness of this 0.11um AE PHY can certainly expand our business, and more importantly assist customers to grab better winning chances in their focus market," he added.


Faraday's USB 3.0 PHY engineering samples are readily available in both UMC 0.11um AE and Cu processes.

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