OKI Develops Automotive LCD Controller LSI With Video Decoder
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OKI Develops Automotive LCD Controller LSI With Video Decoder

TOKYO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—January 30, 2008— Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 6703) today announced it has developed LCD controller LSIs for small and mid-size LCD monitors that include video decoders compatible with the three major video standards (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)(1) and video adjustment functions.

Samples for the two new models, ML86V8207 for small LCD monitors and ML86V8209 for mid-size monitors with higher functionality will be available from Feb. 2008. Both models are highly reliable, compliant to ISO/TS16949(2) and suitable for automotive LCD monitors such as in car navigation systems. Volume shipment is expected in Oct. for ML86V8209 and Dec. for ML86V8207.

"Today automotive entertainment systems, such as car navigation, car audio and rear-seat entertainment systems must comply with various video signals such as those used in digital terrestrial broadcasting, portable digital audio players and automotive cameras," said Masahiko Morioka, President of Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric Industry. "These new LSIs meet the market needs with all necessary functions for video signal processing for LCD monitors. They are packaged as single chips and are offered in small size to suit automotive entertainment systems that require limited space."

The two models were developed in response to these market needs and by applying OKI's image processing technology and its reliable automotive application technology. The ML86V8207 was developed for QVGA-VGA(3) small LCD monitors while the ML86V8209 was developed for WVGA-XGA(4) mid-size LCD monitors. These LSIs include the video decoder, scaler, on-screen display (OSD) and LCD controller functions -- all in a single chip. The chip includes a video decoder that supports the three worldwide video signal standards and that is compliant to component video signal D2, offering excellent synchronous stability in respect to non-standard video signals that occur in bad signal environments, such as in weak electric fields(5) -- a must for automotive systems.

The LCD controller includes functions for scaling(6), timing control (T-CON), a line overlay function(7) and I/P converting(8) that enable high quality video on mid and small size LCD monitors without using an external large-capacity memory. With these functions in the LCD controllers, users can connect a system directly to various types of LCD panels.

The ML86V8209 includes an SDRAM interface to enable the picture-in-picture function(9) for digital and analog video signals, and a line overlay function, displaying up to XGA resolution. With XGA, users can display highly sophisticated video on the large screens that will be required for automotive system users. Specific applications include synthesis display of digital videos such as for car navigation systems with analog video for automotive surveillance cameras, and display guidance on backup monitors.

Both LSIs are compliant with ISO/TS16949, offer high reliability, and can be used in a variety of applications such as surveillance monitors used over a wide range of temperature environments, and mid and small-size LCD TVs.

Going forward, OKI plans to add a noise reduction function and to use a video signal interface such as for LVDS(10), offering higher video quality LSI products with higher added value.
(1)  NTSC (National Television Standards Committee): This is an
     analog TV signal format used mainly in the U.S., Canada, Korea
     and Japan.
     PAL (Phase Altering Line): This is an analog TV signal format
     used in Europe and China.
     SECAM (Sequential Couleur AVEC Memoire): This is an analog TV
     signal format used in France and Russia.
(2)  ISO/TS16949: This is a quality management system standard for
     the automobile industry, requiring a high level of quality
(3)  QVGA, VGA: The number of pixels in LCD panels. QVGA 320 x 240,
     VGA 640 x 480
(4)  WVGA, XGA: The number of pixels in LCD panels. WVGA (Wide VGA)
     800x480 or 854x480, XGA1024x768.
(5)  Weak electric field: This is an environment where the analog
     terrestrial signal is low due to its distance from the tower or
     obstructions such as mountains.
(6)  Scaling function: This is a function to convert input video data
     pixels to output display pixels. It expands and compresses in
     the horizontal and vertical directions. It can be scaled evenly
     in the horizontal direction or can be scaled from center to
     periphery (panorama mode).
(7)  Line overlay function: This is a function to display several
     lines on the screen. The LSIs can display 2 types of 4 lines
     (2 lines of 7 broken lines and 2 lines of single lines or
     rectangular frames)
(8)  I/P Convert (Convert from Interlace to Progressive): This is a
     function to convert an interlace signal into a progressive
     signal. Interlace is an output format for TVs and videos that
     displays images by dividing them into even and odd lines and
     displaying them alternatively, while the progressive format
     displays both the even and odd lines simultaneously.
(9)  Picture-in-picture function: This is a function to synthesize
     two pictures in a single screen
(10) LVDS (low voltage differential signaling): this is a method to
     digitally transmit data between a display and a display adapter.
     It transmits by converting parallel signals to serial signals.

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