Small Tunable RF Filters Provide Low Loss, Broad Coverage, and High IIP3
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Small Tunable RF Filters Provide Low Loss, Broad Coverage, and High IIP3

COLUMBIA, Md.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—January 4, 2008— Paratek is now shipping low loss, high performance tunable band pass filter evaluation kits based upon Paratek's tunable RF technology. The 0.3 sq in filter core features insertion loss as low as 2 dB with an IIP3 in excess of 45 dBm, all while consuming less than 20 milliwatts of power. This high performance is enabled by Paratek's ParaTune(TM) family of Passive Tunable ICs (PTICs) and supporting High Voltage control ASIC that replace switched capacitors and varactor diodes in tunable filters, matching networks, and phase shifters.

Paratek low-loss tunable filters are ideal for software-defined radio (SDR) applications where high intercept filters with minimum size, weight, and power are paramount. Military communication and SIGINT systems need to operate in difficult co-site environments where adjacent transmitters can degrade radio performance. Paratek tunable band pass and notch filters provide an effective means of mitigating co-site interference through straightforward retrofits of current radios or integration into new development programs.

While other tunable technologies such as MEMS, PIN diodes, and varactor diodes are available, Paratek tunable technology provides the optimal combination of low power consumption, small size, and high RF power handling. Paratek PTICs provide Q values two to four times higher than previous devices. This higher Q leads directly to lower insertion loss and better selectivity, both key enabling parameters for tunable filters.

Paratek is now shipping 2-pole and 3-pole 10% bandwidth band pass filter kits covering the 300MHz to 450MHz frequency range. Each kit includes a self-contained filter test board with SMA connectors, AC adaptor, RS-232 interface cable, and all required software. Kits are priced at $1500 and ship 4 weeks after receipt of order.

To purchase evaluation kits, contact Paratek Government sales at 301-575-0900 x215 or visit our web site for additional information.

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