Agere Systems Announces Network Processor Double Play That Can Save Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Millions of Dollars
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Agere Systems Announces Network Processor Double Play That Can Save Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Millions of Dollars

Companies utilizing new Agere software and service from HCL Technologies can shave up to two years off equipment development cycles

ALLENTOWN, Pa., Jan. 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Agere Systems today announced a double play of software and service initiatives involving its network processor chips. The company is launching a new software package and unveiling a service agreement with HCL Technologies to help enable telecom equipment manufacturers to deliver their products to market one to two years faster and save millions of dollars in product development costs.

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As a result, manufacturers of digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs), third-generation (3G) wireless base stations, and multi-service access nodes (MSANs) can focus more of their efforts on developing revenue- generating, customized features of their products.

The first play is Agere's unveiling of the first of a series of the company's new software offering that runs on its network processors, such as the PayloadPlus(R) APP550, targeted at a broad range of multiservice networking applications. Equipment manufacturers can quickly and easily use Agere's new, simplified Functional Programming Interface (FPI) software platform. By doing so, they avoid spending large amounts of time and money developing several hundred thousand lines of software code they otherwise would have had to, using other companies' network processor solutions. Agere's improved FPI software features a comprehensive suite of protocols and services for target applications. In addition, the software facilitates quick addition of revenue-generating, differentiating features with relatively small, localized changes in code.

Agere's second play consists of an agreement with India-based HCL Technologies, Ltd., a leader in providing cost-effective software and system integration services to the telecom industry. Through this agreement, dedicated teams from HCL are working closely with Agere on the FPI software and provide customization and system integration services to Agere's customers. This collaboration allows equipment manufacturers to focus on creating differentiating, higher revenue-generating equipment features in their products.

HCL has a sizable development team of engineers dedicated to working with Agere's team developing and validating FPI software for Agere's network processors. The HCL team will also provide complementary customization and system integration services through zero-learning-curve resources to augment development teams of equipment manufacturers using Agere network processors and software.

"Excelling in software ease of modification, simplicity, flexibility, as well as delivering outstanding network processor hardware performance, has never been more crucial to thrive in the network processor market," said Allen Nogee, analyst with Arizona-based In-Stat. "By offering tangible benefits to its customers via this HCL agreement, and by releasing its own new software, Agere not only saves development costs for equipment makers, but also opens many new revenue streams for equipment makers."

Using the Agere/HCL offering, manufacturers only have to insert the conceptual equivalent of one or two pieces of an entire LEGO(R) toy set to make the system work. Conversely, using other network processors and software, they have to reconfigure or rebuild almost all the LEGO pieces which could number in the hundreds. Furthermore, with the simplicity of the Agere PayloadPlus programming model, manufacturers only have to write or modify approximately one-thirtieth the lines of software code compared to other companies' network processor software.

"With at least 50 percent of a company's network processor buying decisions being made currently on the basis of software, Agere has focused its efforts on providing better software and services to help equipment manufacturers speed new equipment designs to market," said Sindhu Xirasagar, marketing manager with Agere. "These two software plays Agere is announcing today are all about making our network processor platform offerings more reliable, easier to use and lower cost for our customers."

"Our company sees tremendous potential in the Agere offerings, and we see this collaboration as another big step in offering meaningful products and services to Agere's customers," said G.H. Rao, vice president of HCL's Embedded Software Development Center.

The Agere software and HCL software and services are sold as value-added packages with Agere's network processors. The first of these packages are for customers using the APP550, and these packages will be sold with future versions of the Agere network processors.

Customers in the U.S. may call the Agere Systems Customers Response Center at 1-800-372-2447. Customers in Canada may call 1-800-553-2448. Customers outside those countries may call 1-610-712-4323. Fax inquiries may be directed to 1-610-712-4106, or e-mail queries to Email Contact. Written inquiries should be sent to Agere Systems, Room 10A-301C, 1110 American Parkway NE, Lehigh Valley Central Campus, Allentown, PA 18109, USA.

Agere Systems is a global leader in semiconductors for storage, wireless data, and public and enterprise networks. The company's chips and software power a broad range of computing and communications applications, from cell phones, PCs, PDAs, hard disk drives and gaming devices to the world's most sophisticated wireless and wireline networks. Agere's customers include top manufacturers of consumer electronics, communications and computing equipment. Agere's products connect people to information and entertainment at home, at work and on the road -- enabling the connected lifestyle.

HCL Technologies Limited is one of India's leading IT services companies, providing a broad range of services to clients worldwide. Services include Technology Development, Software Product Engineering, Networking and Application Services. For more information, please visit

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