ConnectEDA Debuts New ELECTRA™ Shape-Based PCB Autorouter
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ConnectEDA Debuts New ELECTRA™ Shape-Based PCB Autorouter

High Quality Shape-Based Autorouting Software for the Mainstream PCB Market

San Jose, March 16, 2004 -- ConnectEDA today announced the launch of its ELECTRA Shape-Based PCB Autorouter. The new ELECTRA autorouter features plug-and-play operation in any CAD system with a SPECCTRA DSN interface and price points positioning it as an attractive offering for mainstream PCB CAD system users.

ELECTRA Functionality and Technology
ELECTRA routing benchmarks results are showing extremely strong performance versus any gridded router as well as excellent results and routing esthetics compared to existing shape-based autorouters. ELECTRA uses a multi-pass cost-based conflict reduction algorithm to find a routing solution adapted to the natural flow of the nets. Its adaptive routing algorithm is the only proven approach to reach high completion rates. ELECTRA provides immediate feedback on routing progress and conflict reduction rate.

ELECTRA is able to support such a broad spectrum of PCB CAD systems by reading the widely-employed Design File (DSN) format. ELECTRA’s routing results are saved into standard route file format (RTE) or session files (SES). ELECTRA is thus a plug-and-play autorouter for any existing PCB CAD system environment that has a SPECCTRA® design file interface as well as other PCB CAD systems now adding DSN interfaces in order to allow their users to access the ELECTRA router.

ELECTRA is driven by layout rules. Each net can have its own minimum clearance and wiring constraints. Net class and nets can be constrained to be routed on specific layers and use different rules for each of the layers.

Configurations and Pricing
ELECTRA is available in four different configurations with each configuration supporting an unlimited number of pins, unlimited power and ground layers, and including advanced rules support and mitering capability:

Pricing for ELECTRA autorouters start at $600.

Additional options will be introduced later as add-ons to the base ELECTRA autorouters, including high-speed design rules support and other functions for assisting PCB designers to maximize their board design turnaround times with the ELECTRA router.

“There is a very strong need for an affordable, quality shape-based autorouter for the low- to medium-range priced PCB CAD system users,” said Fadil Kotaji, President and Vice-President of Engineering of ConnectEDA. Ben Franklin, ConnectEDA’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, stated, “There are 100,000 mainstream PCB designers in the world in need of a high-quality router. We are already getting tremendous customer response and requests for the ELECTRA autorouter from PCB CAD users around the world.”

ELECTRA Distribution Channels
ConnectEDA has concluded ELECTRA OEM agreements with eight PCB CAD vendors as well as 20 geographic distributors selling into the mainstream PCB CAD systems. The PCB CAD OEMs include CADint, Computmation, CSiEDA, Labcenter, Mecadtron , Seetrax CAE and other to be announced shortly. ConnectEDA will rely on its OEM partners and geographic distributors as well as a direct sales operation in the U.S. to achieve the maximum coverage of PCB users across the world.

Company Background ConnectEDA is owned by the Belgium company Konekt SPRL and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. ConnectEDA and Konekt are dedicated to providing affordable PCB routing tools to the mainstream PCB market. ConnectEDA can be reached at or by phone at 1-617-924-4848 for North American inquiries and +32-2- 521-9310 for International inquiries.

ConnectEDA Contact:
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SPECCTRA® is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

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