ARM Holdings PLC Announces Final Results

CAMBRIDGE, UK -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Feb 03, 2009 --

EMBARGOED until 7.00am GMT 3 February 2009


A presentation of the results will be webcast today at 09:30 at

CAMBRIDGE, UK, 3 February 2009-ARM Holdings plc ((LSE: 
ARMH)), the world's leading semiconductor intellectual property
supplier, announces its unaudited financial results for the fourth
quarter and full year ended 31 December 2008

Q4 Financial Highlights (US GAAP unless otherwise stated)

-    Q4 2008 revenues at USD149.4m, up 15% year-on-year (GBP94.4m, up
-    Normalised operating margin at 34.6% (US GAAP 24.2%)
-    Normalised PBT at GBP33.4m, up 57% (US GAAP GBP23.6m, up 105%)
-    Normalised EPS at 1.93p, up 54% (US GAAP 1.38p, up 86%)
-    GBP29.6m cash generated in the quarter
-    Final dividend increased by 10% to 1.32 per share

Q4 2008 - Financial Summary

                             Normalised*               US GAAP
GBPM                           Q4 2008 Q4 2007 % Change  Q4 2008 Q4 2007
Revenue                      94.4    64.3    47%       94.4    64.3
Income before income tax     33.4    21.3    57%       23.6    11.5
Operating margin             34.6%   31.5%             24.2%   16.3%
Earnings per share (pence)   1.93    1.25    54%       1.38    0.74
Net cash generation**        29.6    10.5
Effective fx rate (USD/GBP)  1.58    2.02

FY 2008 - Financial Summary

                           Normalised*              US GAAP
                           FY 2008 FY 2007 % Change FY 2008  FY 2007

Revenue                    298.9   259.2   15%         298.9 259.2

Income before income tax   100.8   86.7    16%          64.8  48.2

Operating margin           32.6%   31.4%               20.6% 16.5%

Earnings per share (pence) 5.63    4.67    21%         3.68  2.70

Net cash generation**      91.2    57.1

Effective fx rate (USD/GBP)1.83    1.98


Semiconductor industry activity slowed down markedly in the fourth
quarter and the near-term outlook for the sector remains uncertain.
Whilst not immune from the impact of the industry slow down, ARM
continues to build an established base of licenses that drives
long-term royalty growth. The current licensing opportunity
pipeline to enlarge that base further remains robust.

Although there is less visibility than usual at this time of the year,
we believe that ARM is positioned to perform resiliently in the context
of the challenging trading environment. Unless conditions
deteriorate to a greater extent than generally anticipated, we expect
group dollar revenues for full-year 2009 to be at least in line with
current market expectations of around USD460 million.

Warren East, Chief Executive Officer, said:"We are pleased to see ARM
technology being increasingly utilised in
innovative consumer electronics products, leading to the highest ever
group revenues for both the fourth quarter and for the full year.

We saw strong demand for new ARM technology, with industry leaders
continuing to license our latest generation processors and physical
IP. ARM has built a base of more than 580 processor licenses
that is driving long-term royalty growth.

We are encouraged to see that the inherent operating leverage in
the ARM business model, combined with sound financial discipline and
the recent strengthening of the dollar against sterling, has given
rise to earnings growth in 2008 of more than 20%."

Q4 Operational Highlights

- Processor Division (PD): Strong licensing base driving
  royalty momentum
  - Base of licenses increased to 587 with 21 additional
    processor licenses signed in Q4
    o Three CortexTM-A9 licenses to tier 1 semiconductor companies
      for mobile computing and gaming
  - Q4 mobile unit shipments grew approximately 35% to more than
    750 million units
  - Q4 non-mobile unit shipments grew approximately 70% to 450
    million units
- Physical IP Division (PIPD): Licensing advanced technology
  nodes to IDMs and foundries
  - 12 companies licensed physical IP in Q4, 7 at advanced nodes,
    including 32nm
  - PIPD backlog grew more than 5% sequentially, whilst PIPD
    license revenue declined 6% quarter-on-quarter

Q4 2008 - Revenue Analysis

                    Revenue (USDm)***          Revenue (GBPm)

                    Q4 2008 Q4 2007 % Change Q4 2008 Q4 2007 % Change


Licensing           43.0    38.4    12%      26.5    19.3    37%
Royalties           65.5    48.8    34%      42.5    23.7    79%
Total PD           108.5    87.2    24%      69.0    43.0    60%
Licensing            9.8    10.8    -9%       6.3     5.3    19%
Royalties1          10.5     8.7    20%       6.8     4.3    59%
Total PIPD          20.3    19.5     4%      13.1     9.6    36%
Development Systems 12.9    15.5   -17%       8.1     7.7     5%
Services             7.7     8.1    -5%       4.2     4.0     5%
Total Revenue      149.4   130.3    15%      94.4    64.3    47%

1 Includes catch-up royalties in Q4 2008 of USD1.0m (GBP0.6m) and in
Q4 2007 of USD0.3m (GBP0.2m).

FY 2008 - Revenue Analysis

                    Revenue (USDm)***          Revenue (GBPm)

                    FY 2008 FY 2007 % Change FY 2008 FY 2007 % Change


Licensing           145.1   163.5   -11%     79.3    83.4    -5%

Royalties           226.5   176.5    28%    125.5    88.0    43%

Total PD                      371.6      340.0          9%        204.8      171.4        19%


Licensing                        44.6        54.4      -18%          24.2        27.3        -11%

Royalties1                      40.3        32.3        24%          22.2        16.1          38%

Total  PIPD                      84.9        86.7        -2%          46.4        43.4            7%

Development  Systems    57.8        55.6          4%          31.1        27.9          12%

Services                          31.9        32.0          -            16.6        16.5            1%

Total  Revenue              546.2      514.3          6%        298.9      259.2          15%

1  Includes  catch-up  royalties  in  FY  2008  of  USD4.6m  (GBP2.5m)  and
in  FY  2007  of  USD2.7m  (GBP1.4m).

*        Normalised  figures  are  based  on  US  GAAP,  adjusted  for
          acquisition-related,  share-based  compensation  and  restructuring
          charges  and  profit  on  disposal  and  impairment  of
          available-for-sale  investments.  For  reconciliation  of  GAAP
          measures  to  normalised  non-GAAP  measures  detailed  in  this
          document,  see  notes  7.1  to  7.27.

**      Before  dividends  and  share  buybacks,  net  cash  flows  from  share
          option  exercises,  disposals  of  available-for-sale  investments  and
          acquisition  consideration  -  see  notes  7.14  to  7.18.

***    Dollar  revenues  are  based  on  the  group's  actual  dollar  invoicing,
          where  applicable,  and  using  the  rate  of  exchange  applicable  on  the
          date  of  the  transaction  for  invoicing  in  currencies  other  than
          dollars.  Approximately  95%  of  invoicing  is  in  dollars.

****  Each  American  Depositary  Share  (ADS)  represents  three  shares.


Sarah  West/Pavla  Shaw      Tim  Score/Ian  Thornton
Brunswick                              ARM  Holdings  plc
+44  (0)207  404  5959          +44  (0)1628  427800

Financial  review
(US  GAAP  unless  otherwise  stated)

Total  revenues

Total  revenues  in  Q4  2008  were  a  record  USD149.4  million,  up  15%
on  Q4  2007.    Q4  sterling  revenues  were  GBP94.4  million,  up  47%

Total  2008  full-year  revenues  were  also  a  record  USD546.2  million,  up  6%
on  2007.  Full-year  sterling  revenues  were  GBP298.9  million,  up  15%  on

License  revenues

Total  dollar  license  revenues  in  Q4  2008  increased  by  8%  to
USD52.8  million,  representing  35%  of  group  revenues.

PD  license  revenues  were  USD43.0  million,  up  12%  versus  Q4  2007.    Q4
2008  license  revenues  include  a  larger  than  usual  contribution  from
order  backlog  due  to  a  major  engineering  milestone  being  achieved.

PIPD  license  revenues  were  USD9.8  million,  down  9%  in  Q4;  this  is
primarily  due  to  the  timing  of  revenue  recognition.  A  number  of  the
contracts  signed  in  Q4  were  for  leading-edge  technology  which  yields
lower  short-term  revenue  than  more  mature  technology.  As  a
result,  backlog  at  the  end  of  Q4  2008  was  up  approximately  5%
sequentially.    See  the  PIPD  section  in  the  Operational  Review  below.

Full-year  dollar  license  revenues  were  USD189.7  million,  down  13%  on

Royalty  revenues

Total  dollar  royalty  revenues  in  Q4  2008  increased  32%  to
USD76.0  million,  representing  51%  of  group  revenues.    Royalty  revenues
comprised  USD65.5  million  for  PD  and  USD10.5  million  for  PIPD.

PD  royalties  were  up  19%  sequentially  in  Q4  2008,  due  to  particularly
strong  smartphone  and  microcontroller  shipments.

PIPD  royalties  of  USD10.5  million  include  USD1.0  million  of  "catch-up"
royalties.  Underlying  royalties  for  PIPD  were  up  2%
sequentially,  slightly  ahead  of  foundry  utilisation  levels  in  Q3  2008.

Full-year  dollar  royalty  revenues  were  USD266.8  million,  up  28%  on  2007.

Development  Systems  and  Service  revenues

Sales  of  development  systems  were  USD12.9  million  in  Q4  2008,  down  17%,
representing  9%  of  group  revenues.

Service  revenues  were  USD7.7  million  in  Q4  2008,  down  5%,  representing
5%  of  group  revenues.

Full-year  development  systems  revenues  were  USD57.8  million,  up  4%  on
2007.  Full-year  service  revenues  were  USD31.9  million,  marginally  lower
than  in  2007.

Gross  margins

Gross  margin  in  Q4  2008,  excluding  share-based  compensation  charges  of
GBP0.3  million,  was  89.5%,  slightly  up  on  Q4  2007.

Full-year  gross  margin,  excluding  share-based  compensation  charges  of
GBP1.0  million,  was  89.4%  compared  to  89.6%  in  2007.

Operating  expenses  and  operating  margin

Total  operating  expenses  in  Q4  2008  were  GBP61.3  million  (Q4  2007:
GBP46.8  million)  including  share-based  compensation  charges  of  GBP3.8
million  (Q4  2007:  GBP3.0  million),  amortisation  of  intangible  assets
and  other  acquisition  charges  of  GBP5.4  million  (Q4  2007:  GBP5.3
million)  and  restructuring  charges  of  GBP0.3  million  (Q4  2007:  GBP0.1
million).  The  restructuring  charges  of  GBP0.3  million  in  Q4  2008  relate
to  a  reduction  in  headcount  of  approximately  3%  across  the  group  in  Q4
2008  and  Q1  2009.  Further  restructuring  charges  of  approximately
GBP1.2  million  are  expected  to  be  incurred  in  Q1  2009  in  relation  to
this  headcount  reduction.  The  total  share-based  compensation  charge  of
GBP4.1  million  in  Q4  2008  are  included  within  cost  of  revenues
(GBP0.3  million),  research  and  development  (GBP2.8  million),  sales  and
marketing  (GBP0.5  million)  and  general  and  administrative
(GBP0.5  million).    Normalised  Q4  and  full-year  income  statements  for
2008  and  2007  are  included  in  notes  7.24  to  7.27  below  which  reconcile
US  GAAP  to  the  normalised  non-GAAP  measures  referred  to  in  this  earnings

Operating  expenses  (excluding  share-based  compensation,  amortisation  of
intangible  assets  and  other  acquisition  charges,  restructuring
charges  and  impairment  of  investments)  in  Q4  2008  were  GBP51.8  million
compared  to  GBP40.8  million  in  Q3  2008  and  GBP37.2  million  in  Q4  2007.

The  sequential  increase  in  operating  expenses  this  quarter  is
due  primarily  to  the  significant  strengthening  of  the  dollar  against
sterling  which  has  had  two  primary  effects:  firstly,  an  increase  in  the
sterling  value  of  the  group's  US  dollar  denominated  costs  and  secondly,
the  impact  of  accounting  for  derivative  instruments  giving  rise  to  a
net  charge  of  GBP3.0  million  in  Q4  2008.  Taking  these  impacts  and  other
quarterly  seasonal  factors  into  account,  normalised  operating  expenses
in  Q1  2009  (assuming  effective  exchange  rates  similar  to  current
levels)  are  expected  to  be  significantly  less  than  Q4  2008,  in  the
range  GBP44-47  million.  Costs  continue  to  be  carefully  managed  with
group  headcount  at  the  end  of  2008  only  marginally  higher  than  at  the
start  of  the  year  and  a  pay  freeze  being  implemented  across  the  group
with  effect  from  1  January  2009.

Normalised  research  and  development  expenses  were  GBP18.6  million  in  Q4
2008,  representing  20%  of  revenues,  compared  to  GBP15.7  million  in  Q3
2008  and  GBP15.1  million  in  Q4  2007.  Normalised  sales  and  marketing
costs  in  Q4  2008  were  GBP14.1  million,  representing  15%  of  revenues,
compared  to  GBP11.4  million  in  Q3  2008  and  GBP11.1  million  in  Q4  2007.
Normalised  general  and  administrative  expenses  in  Q4  2008  were  GBP19.2
million,  representing  20%  of  revenues,  compared  to  GBP13.7  million  in
Q3  2008  and  GBP11.1  million  in  Q4  2007.  The  increase  in  operating
expenses  due  to  the  strengthening  dollar  explained  above  is  reported
for  the  most  part  within  general  and  administrative  expenses.

Normalised  operating  margin  in  Q4  2008  was  34.6%  (7.1)  compared  to
33.0%  (7.2)  in  Q3  2008  and  31.5%  (7.3)  in  Q4  2007.

Full-year  operating  expenses  for  2008  were  GBP204.6  million,
including  share-based  compensation  charges  of
GBP14.1  million,  amortisation  of  intangible  assets  and
other  acquisition  charges  of  GBP19.0  million  and  restructuring  charges
of  GBP1.9  million.  Excluding  these  charges,  operating  expenses  for  the
full  year  were  GBP169.6  million,  compared  to  GBP150.8  million  in  2007.

Normalised  operating  margin  in  the  full-year  2008  was  32.6%  (7.4)
compared  to  31.4%  (7.5)  in  2007.

Earnings  and  taxation

Income  before  income  tax  in  Q4  2008  was  GBP23.6  million  compared  to
GBP11.5  million  in  Q4  2007.  After  adjusting  for  share-based
compensation,  amortisation  of  intangibles  and  other  acquisition  charges
and  restructuring  charges,  normalised  income  before  income  tax  in  Q4
2008  was  GBP33.4  million  (7.6)  compared  to  GBP21.3  million  (7.8)    in  Q4
2007.  The  group's  effective  tax  rate  under  US  GAAP  for  the  full-year
2008  was  26.6%.

In  Q4  2008,  fully  diluted  earnings  per  share  prepared  under  US  GAAP
were  1.38  pence  compared  to  earnings  per  share  of  0.74  pence  in  Q4
2007.  Normalised  fully  diluted  earnings  per  share  in  Q4  2008
were  1.93  pence  (7.19)  per  share  compared  to  1.25  pence  (7.21)
per  share  in  Q4  2007.

Full-year  2008  fully  diluted  earnings  per  share  prepared  under  US  GAAP
were  3.68  pence  compared  to  earnings  per  share  of  2.70  pence  in
2007.    Normalised  fully  diluted  earnings  per  share  for  2008
were  5.63  pence  (7.22)  per  share  compared  to  4.67  pence  (7.23)
per  share  in  2007.

Balance  sheet

Intangible  assets  at  31  December  2008  were  GBP507.1  million,  comprising
goodwill  of  GBP465.5  million  and  other  intangible  assets  of
GBP41.6  million,  compared  to  GBP344.7  million  and  GBP39.4  million
respectively  at  31  December  2007.  A  regular  review  of  the  carrying
value  of  assets  arising  on  acquisition  was  performed  during  Q4  2008  and
it  was  concluded  that  no  impairment  charge  was  required.

Total  accounts  receivable  were  GBP76.9  million  at  31  December  2008,
comprising  GBP59.0  million  of  trade  receivables  and  GBP17.9  million  of
amounts  recoverable  on  contracts,  compared  to  GBP66.2  million  at  30
September  2008,  comprising  GBP48.8  million  of  trade  receivables  and
GBP17.4  million  of  amounts  recoverable  on  contracts.  Days  sales
outstanding  (DSOs)  were  49  at  31  December  2008  compared  to  55  at  30
September  2008  and  49  at  31  December  2007.

Cash  flow,  share  buyback  programme  and  2008  final  dividend

Net  cash  at  31  December  2008  was  GBP78.8  million  (7.11),  compared  to
GBP66.0  million  (7.12)  at  30  September  2008.  Normalised  cash  generation
in  Q4  2008  was  GBP29.6  million  (7.14).

During  the  quarter,  GBP14.3  million  of  cash  was  returned  to  shareholders
via  the  purchase  of  3.8  million  ARM  shares  at  a  cost  of  GBP3.2  million
and  the  payment  of  the  2008  interim  dividend  of  GBP11.1  million.

The  directors  recommend  payment  of  a  final  dividend  in  respect  of  2008
of  1.32  pence  per  share,  up  10%,  which  taken  together  with  the  interim
dividend  of  0.88  pence  per  share  paid  in  October  2008,  gives  a
total  dividend  in  respect  of  2008  of  2.2  pence  per  share,  an  increase
of  10%  on  the  total  dividend  of  2.0  pence  per  share  in  2007.  Subject  to
shareholder  approval,  the  final  dividend  will  be  paid  on  20  May  2009  to
shareholders  on  the  register  on  1  May  2009.

International  Financial  Reporting  Standards  (IFRS)

ARM  reports  results  quarterly  in  accordance  with  US  GAAP.  At  30  June
and  31  December  each  year,  in  addition  to  the  US  GAAP  results,  ARM  is
also  required  to  publish  results  under  IFRS.  The  operating  and
financial  review  commentary  included  in  this  release  on  the  US  GAAP
numbers  is  for  the  most  part  applicable  to  the  IFRS  numbers  and,  in
particular,  revenues,  dividends  and  share  buybacks  are  recorded  in  the
same  way  under  both  sets  of  accounting  rules.  A  summary  of  the
accounting  differences  between  IFRS  and  US  GAAP  and  reconciliations  of
IFRS  and  US  GAAP  profit  and  shareholders'  equity  are  set  out  in
note  6  to  the  financial  tables  below.

Following  the  ruling  issued  by  the  Securities  and  Exchange  Commission
in  November  2007,  allowing  foreign  private  issuers  to  file  financial
statements  using  IFRS  as  published  by  the  International  Accounting
Standards  Board,    ARM  will  report  quarterly,  half-yearly  and  annual
results  in  accordance  with  IFRS  with  effect  from  Q1  2009.  ARM  will  no
longer  report  results  under  US  GAAP.

Operating  review


In  Q4  2008,  certain  major  engineering  milestones  relating  to  delivery
of  technology  were  achieved  and  as  a  result  the  proportion  of  license
revenues  arising  from  order  backlog  was  higher  than  usual.  At  the  end
of  Q4  2008,  backlog  was  slightly  down  sequentially  and  just  under  10%
lower  than  a  year  ago.

PD  Licensing

ARM  signed  21  processor  licenses  in  Q4.  The  quarter  was  characterised
by  licensing  of  ARM  technologies  across  the  portfolio,  with  licenses
being  signed  for  the  ARM7TM,  ARM9TM,  ARM11TM  and  Cortex  processor
families,  as  well  as  for  the  MaliTM  graphics  processor.

Non-mobile  applications  continue  to  be  the  driver  for  a  high
proportion  of  processor  licenses,  including  graphics  processors.
Approximately  60%  of  licenses  are  expected  to  be  used  initially  in
applications  such  as  automotive,  gaming,  microcontrollers  and
high-speed  broadband.

In  mobile,  ARM  processors  and  graphics  processors  are  being  designed
into  a  widening  range  of  mobile  technology  such  as  chips  for
Bluetooth®,  gaming,  mobile  computing  and  mobile  TV.

In  Q4,  six  new  companies  licensed  ARM  processor  technology  for  the
first  time.

Q4  2008  and  Cumulative  PD  Licensing  Analysis

                    Multi-use  Term    Per-use                  Cumulative

                    U    D    N      U  D  N  U  D  N          Total  Total

ARM7                  2    1                                      3          161

ARM9            1          1              1  1                  4          253

ARM11          1          1                                      2          72

Cortex-M3  2                  1                              3          25

Cortex-R4                      1                              1          13

Cortex-A8                                                                  10

Cortex-A9  2                      1                          3          8

Mali            2    1    2                                      5          15

Other                                                                          30

                                                            Total  21        587

U:  Upgrade  D:  Derivative  N:  New

PD  Royalties

Reported  PD  unit  shipments  grew  20%  sequentially  in  Q4  2008  (our
partners  report  royalties  one  quarter  in  arrears)  buoyed  by  growth
in  automotive,  Bluetooth,  digital  consumer,  microcontrollers,  storage
(HDD  and  Flash)  and  Wi-Fi.  Reported  processor  unit  shipments
were  1.2  billion  in  the  quarter,  up  46%  compared  to  Q4  2007.      FY  2008
reported  processor  unit  shipments  were  4.0  billion,  up  38%  compared  to
FY  2007.

The  ARM7,  ARM9  and  ARM11  families  represented  56%,  39%  and  5%  of  total
shipments  respectively  for  the  quarter.  More  than  2
million  Cortex  processor-based  products  were  reported  in  the  quarter,
shipping  into  a  broad  range  of  applications  including  consumer
electronics,  microcontrollers,  mobile  computers,  networking  and  Wi-Fi

In  Q4  2008,  shipments  of  ARM  technology-based  chips  in  mobile  devices
grew  approximately  35%  compared  to  Q4  2007.  For  the  quarter,
an  ARM  technology-based  mobile  phone  contained  an  average
of  1.9  ARM  microprocessors,  up  from  1.8in  the  prior  quarter.  As  well  as
smartphones  containing  multiple  ARM  technology-based
chips,  mid-range  phones  are  now  being  shipped  with  multiple  ARM
processors.    Shipments  of  ARM  technology-based  chips  in  embedded
devices  continued  to  grow  strongly  with  microcontroller  shipments  up
approximately  95%  compared  with  Q4  2007.  Units  shipped  into  enterprise
applications  grew  by  approximately  85%  driven  by  increased  use  of  ARM
in  networking  and  storage  devices;  whilst  units  shipped  into  the  home
products  market  grew  approximately  30%  driven  by  increased  market  share
in  consumer  electronics  products  such  as  DVD,  set-top  boxes  and  digital
TV.    In  Q4  2008,  shipments  of  ARM  processor  units  in  mobile,  embedded,
enterprise  and  home  represented  62%,  17%,  14%  and  7%  respectively.

PIPD  Licensing

ARM  signed  12  physical  IP  licenses  in  Q4  for  technologies  at  all
process  nodes  from  180nm  to  28nm;  and  for  a  wide  range  of  ARM  products
including  platforms  of  physical  IP  for  new  process  nodes;  memories,
standard  cells  and  PHYs  for  mature  nodes;  and  power-optimised
components  for  use  with  ARM  processors.

Demand  for  leading-edge  physical  IP  continues  as  ARM  signed
a  further  agreement  with  an  IBM  Common  Platform  partner  to  develop  and
license  32nm  and  28nm  physical  IP.

At  leading  foundries,  the  45  and  40nm  process  nodes  are  used  for
manufacturing  the  highest  performance  chips  available  today.
Five  licenses  for  physical  IP  at  these  nodes  were
signed  with  tier-1  semiconductor  companies,  such  as  STMicroelectronics
who  have  licensed  additional  40nm  technology  one  quarter  after
licensing  a  substantial  platform  at  this  node.  Also  for  use  at  the  45nm
process  node,  a  top  10  fabless  semiconductor  company  licensed  physical
IP  optimised  for  use  with  an  ARM  Cortex-M3  processor.

Q4  2008  and  Cumulative  PIPD  Licensing  Analysis

                                                Process  Node    Total


Platform  Licenses

                                                32/28                  1

                                                45/40                  3

Standard  Cell  Libraries  40                        1

                                                130                      2

Memory  Compilers                65                        1

                                                130                      1

PHYs                                        45/40                  1

                                                90                        2

Quarter  Total                                                  12

Cumulative  Total                                            405

PIPD  Royalties

Underlying  PIPD  royalties  in  Q4  2008  increased  13%  year-on-year  to  a
record  USD9.5m,  ahead  of  foundry  revenues  that  were  up  5%  in  the
equivalent  period.    ARM  continued  to  expand  market  share  in  Q4  (our
foundry  partners  report  royalties  one  quarter  in  arrears)  as  underlying
royalties  were  up  by  more  than  the  improvement  in  utilisation  rates  at
the  foundries.    PIPD  catch-up  royalties  were  USD1.0m  compared  with
USD0.3m  in  Q4  2007.

Acquisition  of  Logipard  AB

In  December  2008,  ARM  acquired  Logipard  AB,  a  leading  video  processor
and  imaging  technology  company,  from  Anoto  Group  AB.  The  company  has
offices  in  Lund,  Sweden  and  has  existing  licensing  deals  in  place  with
a  global  mobile  phone  manufacturer.  The  company  has  changed  its  name  to
ARM  Sweden  AB.

The  acquisition  of  video  processor  technology  builds  on  the  success
of  the  ARM  Mali  graphics  processor,  and  enables  ARM  to  provide
customers  with  an  integrated  multimedia  platform,  which  is  becoming
increasingly  important  in  devices  such  as  mobile  computers,  portable
media  players  and  digital  TVs.


At  31  December  2008,  ARM  had  1,740  full-time  employees,  representing  a
net  increase  of  12  over  the  year,  including  the  15  people  who  joined
the  group  through  the  acquisition  of  Logipard.  At  the  end  of  Q4,  the
group  had  645  employees  based  in  the  UK,  501  in  the  US,  212  in
Continental  Europe,  300  in  India  and  82  in  the  Asia  Pacific  region.

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                                        This  information  is  provided  by  RNS
                    The  company  news  service  from  the  London  Stock  Exchange



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