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Choosing the best pin multiplexing method for your Multiple-FPGA partition S2C inc 2005-Jul-2016
XDRC • Enhanced Design Rule Checker Design Workshop, Inc. 124-Apr-2011
WP298 - Power Consumption at 40 and 45 nm Xilinx, Inc 325-Sep-2011
WP286 - Continuing Experiments of Atmospheric Neutron Effects on Deep Submicron Integrated Circuits Xilinx, Inc 025-Sep-2011
Virtex-6 FPGA Routing Optimization Design Techniques Xilinx, Inc 320-Jan-2011
Via Configurable ASICs for Analog and Mixed Signal Applications Triad Semiconductor 111-Sep-2011
Using Static Functional Verification in the Design of a Memory Controller Averant 411-Mar-2011
Using Plots for HDL Debugging as a Powerful Alternative to Traditional Waveforms Aldec, Inc. 423-Sep-2013
Using Formal Verification Across a Spectrum of Design Applications Jasper Design Automation 515-Oct-2010
Using Formal to Analyze Non-Determinism in Design Reset Schemes Avery Design Systems, Inc 112-Mar-2011
Using DMA for Data Communications on Altera Nios II Platforms Impulse Accelerated Technologies 121-Aug-2011
Using C++ with Test Driven Development Vector Software, Inc. 217-Sep-2011
Using Ada with Test Driven Development Vector Software, Inc. 117-Sep-2011
Usage of COTS VoIP products IntegrIT 027-Aug-2011
Understanding and Reducing Latency in Video Compression Systems CAST 827-Nov-2013
Think Anew Why Frequency Domain Analysis E System Design Inc. 314-May-2011
The ROI of Hardware Configuration Management in IC Design Flows Cliosoft, Inc. 1515-Jun-2010
The Plumbing. How Do I Connect Many Drives? Adaptec, Inc. 116-Jan-2011
The Perils of Aging Terminal Emulators Attachmate Corporation. 003-Mar-2011
The Next Generation of Static Analysis Coverity, Inc. 110-Mar-2011
The Move to Standardized Terminal Emulation Attachmate Corporation. 203-Mar-2011
The Importance of Path Coverage in Completely Defining Functional Coverage Solid Oak Technologies 115-Jun-2010
The Benefits of Metering IT Resource Usage in E&P Environments Open iT, Inc. 020-Oct-2014
The Benefits and Applications of Software Usage Metering Open iT, Inc. 220-Oct-2014
Tensilica DSP Targets LTE Advanced Tensilica Inc. 007-Sep-2014
Telematics - the Road Ahead Tata Elxsi 004-Sep-2011
SystemVerilog Made Easy: A Perl Interface to a Full IEEE 1800 Compliant Parser Verific Design AUtomation 9723-May-2011
SpyGlass Flow for XILINX FPGA Atrenta 16519-Sep-2013
Solving Verilog "X" issues - a key problem for IP providers Averant 411-Mar-2011
Solving Today's Design Security Concerns Xilinx, Inc 020-Jan-2011
Solidify - Static Functional Verification Averant 111-Mar-2011
Solid Modeling and Analysis of MEMS Structures EMWORKS 303-Aug-2010
Software Integrity for Agile Environments Coverity, Inc. 010-Mar-2011
Soft IP for the Analog ASIC – Impossible Yet True Triad Semiconductor 411-Sep-2011
SoC Bus Architecutre Palmchip Corp. 1230-Sep-2011
SoC Architecture for Multichannel Memory Management Using Sonics IMT Sonics, Inc. 1830-Aug-2011
Shortening Verification Time Using the CoverAll™ Toolset to Automate Assertion Based Verification Solid Oak Technologies 115-Jun-2010
Self programming Processors_5.pdf Data I/O Corporation 121-Apr-2011
Secure and low cost selective encryption for JPEG2000 intoPIX s.a. 206-Mar-2010
SCE-MI Macro-Based Interface for System-on-Chip Verification Aldec, Inc. 223-Sep-2013
Safeguarding Cardholder Account Data Attachmate Corporation. 003-Mar-2011
Requirements for Soft IP Qualification Atrenta, Inc. 3117-Sep-2013
Remote interactive browsing of video surveillance content based on JPEG 2000 intoPIX s.a. 006-Mar-2010
reliable Video Quality from Production to Archiving intoPIX s.a. 028-Aug-2011
printLogic Product Coastal Logic, Inc. 026-Feb-2011
Practical GALS Sonics, Inc. 130-Aug-2011
Practical Aspects of Web Application Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis MindTree Ltd. 013-Sep-2011
Post-Silicon Validation Using Formal Analysis Jasper Design Automation 1215-Oct-2010
Phase-Locked Loops Demystified, True Circuits, Inc. 1313-Sep-2011
Parametric Yield: If you knew what you miss? InfiniScale® 026-Aug-2011
Not all ISO 9001:2000 certifications are alike Ironwood Electronics 130-Aug-2011
Nonlinear modelling for Sub 65nm IC statistical analysis InfiniScale® 126-Aug-2011
New Manufacturing Techniques for Optical Components Require the Power of Traditional IC Tools with Photonic Features Design Workshop, Inc. 024-Apr-2011
New Functions, New Sensors, New Architectures – How to Cope with the Real-Time Requirements INCHRON GmbH 316-Feb-2010
New Approach to Accelerating Analog Layout Surpasses Full Custom and Traditional Automation Methodologies Tanner EDA 1015-Jun-2010
New Approach to Accelerating Analog Layout Surpasses Full Custom and Traditional Automation Methodologies Tanner EDA 915-Jun-2010
Modeling and Verifying Cache-Coherent Protocols, VIP, and Designs: Jasper and ARM Bolster ACE Protocol Deliverables Jasper Design Automation 5409-Jun-2011
Mixed Signal ASIC Design Triad Semiconductor 1511-Sep-2011
Microarchitecture Property Synthesis Automates Assertion and Coverage Based Verification Avery Design Systems, Inc 212-Mar-2011
Making Floating-Point Arithmetic Work in Your RTL Design Aldec, Inc. 2523-Sep-2013
Maintaining Repeatable Results Xilinx, Inc 020-Jan-2011
Lessons in developing and deploying OVM Compliant VIP Test and Verification Solutions 1728-Jun-2011
LDPC Decoding on XPP-III PACT XPP Technologies, Inc. 030-Sep-2011
Ka-band 2W/4W MMIC Power Amplifiers in 7x7mm Low-cost SMT Package Avago Technologies 506-Mar-2011
JasperGold Property Synthesis Apps Jasper Design Automation 1307-Nov-2012
Is it time to switch to OASIS.MASK ? Xyalis 1909-Jun-2015
Improved Trak models for beam-generated magnetic fields Field Precision LLC 015-Jun-2010
Improve Business Agility with Software Quality Coverity, Inc. 010-Mar-2011
How to Evaluate Embedded Software Test Tools Vector Software, Inc. 017-Sep-2011
How to Achieve Power Estimation, Reduction and Verification in Low Power Design Atrenta, Inc. 8918-Sep-2013
High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Perforce Perforce Software Inc. 122-Oct-2011
HES-7 ASIC Prototyping Aldec 17114-Sep-2012
Helping you avoid stack overflow crashes! Express Logic, Inc 010-Jul-2011
Harmonizing Modeling and Simulation with the Development Lifecycle - Improved Management of Models Accelerates the Development Cycle MKS Inc. 020-Sep-2011
Graphical Embedded System Design Empowers Spacecraft Attitude Control Schmid Engineering AG 816-Dec-2011
GEN2 Serial RapidIO AND LOW COST, LOW POWER FPGAS Lattice Semiconductor Corp. 203-Sep-2011
Fundamentals of NAND Flash Device Usage Eureka technology 827-Aug-2010
Fixed Price Distributed Agile Projects in Outsourced Product Testing – An Experience Report MindTree Ltd. 013-Sep-2011
Finite element analysis in cosmetics bottle design Tata Elxsi 104-Sep-2011
Fast and reliable compact model for organic electronic devices using behavioral modeling methods InfiniScale® 126-Aug-2011
Facilitating At-speed Test at RTL Atrenta, Inc. 4218-Sep-2013
EpHEMT vs HBTs for PA Applications Avago Technologies 006-Mar-2011
Ensuring Quality in Multi-threaded Applications Coverity, Inc. 010-Mar-2011
EMS for biomedical equipment design EMWORKS 203-Aug-2010
Efficient model-based analog IC variation-aware sizing InfiniScale® 026-Aug-2011
Efficient model-based analog circuits sizing InfiniScale® 426-Aug-2011
Economic Impact Sonics, Inc. 330-Aug-2011
DOE relates Spring Probe Variables to Signal Integrity Ironwood Electronics 230-Aug-2011
Development EpHEMT Avago Technologies 006-Mar-2011
Developing robust power line communications (PLC) with G3 Texas Instruments 719-Jun-2012
Developing Configurable IP for System-on-Chip Palmchip Corp. 230-Sep-2011
Designing affordable, robust and highperformance communications between plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) Texas Instruments 430-May-2012
Design Philosophy and Methodology Shax Engineering and Systems 330-Jun-2011
Design of ST planar integrated inductors based on INFINISCALE flow InfiniScale® 126-Aug-2011
Design of ST planar integrated inductors based on INFINISCALE flow InfiniScale® 026-Aug-2011
Design of Robust System Architectures for Automotive ECUs INCHRON GmbH 716-Feb-2010
Design Flow QualCore Logic, Inc. 627-Sep-2011
Derating of Schottky Diodes DfR Solutions 506-May-2011
Creating Solutions with Attachmate Reflection and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Attachmate Corporation. 003-Mar-2011
Controlling Source Code Complexity Coverity, Inc. 510-Mar-2011
Continuous Glucose Measurement ZMDI 605-Mar-2013
Constraints Management: Approach and Techniques for Preserving the Intent of Timing Constraints throughout the Design Flow Atrenta, Inc. 6118-Sep-2013
Connecting Multi-Source IP to a Standard On-Chip Architecture Palmchip Corp. 130-Sep-2011
Congestion Mitigation During RTL Development Atrenta, Inc. 8618-Sep-2013
Configurable Memory Control for System-on-Chip Designs Palmchip Corp. 030-Sep-2011
Comprehensive true all-angle Layout Software Design Workshop, Inc. 024-Apr-2011
Component Supplier Management - A Global Foundation Approach Dassault Systèmes 228-Oct-2010
Combining Structural and Functional Verification Techniques to Improve Effective CDC Verification Atrenta, Inc. 6718-Sep-2013
Collaboration Support to Master Real-Time Challenges INCHRON GmbH 116-Feb-2010
Clock Concurrent Optimization: Timing Clocks and Logic at the Same Time Cadence 4818-Mar-2011
Choosing a Dialogic® Product Option for Creating a PSTN-HMP Interface Dialogic 006-May-2011
CEO KaiSemi 009-Feb-2011
CellMarginVerification.pdf Data I/O Corporation 021-Apr-2011
Building a 3.3 - 3.8 GHz 802.16a WiMAX LNA on FR4 Material Avago Technologies 006-Mar-2011
Brief Introduction to MIPS32® M4K® Core Shadow Registers for Microcontroller Applications MIPS Technologies, Inc. 213-Sep-2011
Boost RTL Simulation 10x to 100x by Turbo-Charging Existing Compute Hardware Liga Systems, Inc. 304-Sep-2011
Avoiding Pitfalls While Specifying Timing Exceptions Atrenta, Inc. 7017-Sep-2013
Avago RF VMMK Devices Improve Performance by Reducing Parasitic Inductance and Capacitance Avago Technologies 206-Mar-2011
Automatic Verification of timing Exceptions Averant 211-Mar-2011
Automated Assembly and IP Integration Techniques for SoCs Atrenta, Inc. 5018-Sep-2013
Atrenta SoC Realization Atrenta, Inc. 7918-Sep-2013
Asynchronous Reset Semifore, Inc. 1114-May-2011
Are You Ready for HD Voice? Dialogic 106-May-2011
Are Digital Structured ASICs Dead? Triad Semiconductor 211-Sep-2011
Analyzing RF Coexistence in a Mobile Handset CST - Computer Simulation Technology 2828-Mar-2014
Analyzing Power Integrity Issues from Power Plane Interactions CST-Computer Simulation Technology 6226-Nov-2013
Analysis of Random Resistive Faults and ATPG Effectiveness at RTL Atrenta 4819-Sep-2013
Analysis of a Highly Nonlinear Lorentz Force Linear Motion Electromagnetic Actuator Using EMS EMWORKS 103-Aug-2010
Analogue Behavioural Modelling for Electronic Circuits EDXACT SA 826-May-2011
An Introduction To Property Checkers For Functional Verification Averant 411-Mar-2011
An Introduction to Multimedia Services Dialogic 006-May-2011
An Introduction to Multimedia Services Dialogic 006-May-2011
An Automated Approach to RTL Memory BIST Insertion and Verification Atrenta, Inc. 7218-Sep-2013
Agile Development Doesn't Have to Mean Fragile Enterprise Process MKS Inc. 020-Sep-2011
Addressing Video Processing Challenges with the IP Multimedia Subsystem Dialogic 106-May-2011
Adapters & Sockets for Product Life-Cycle Management- Extending the Life of Your Product Ironwood Electronics 030-Aug-2011
Adaptec MaxIQ is the simple storage accelerator Adaptec, Inc. 116-Jan-2011
Acoustic echo cancellers for mobile device IntegrIT 027-Aug-2011
Achieving Optimal Performance with Cadence Virtuoso Open Text Connectivity Solutions Group 420-Oct-2011
Achieving GHz Speed in Socketed BGA Devices Ironwood Electronics 130-Aug-2011
Achieving GHz Speed in Socketed BGA Devices Ironwood Electronics 030-Aug-2011
Achieving GHz Speed in Socketed BGA Devices Ironwood Electronics 030-Aug-2011
Accelerating Innovation in Automotive Engineering - Part One: The Challenge of Software Quality MKS Inc. 020-Sep-2011
Accelerating applications on coprocessing platforms Impulse Accelerated Technologies 021-Aug-2011
A Virtual Reality Camera Design with 16 Full HD Video Inputs Sharing a Single DRAM Chip Ocean Logic Pty Ltd 906-Sep-2016
A Unified Analog Design and Process Framework for Efficient Modeling and Synthesis InfiniScale® 026-Aug-2011
A study of AES and its efficient implementation on eSi-RISC EnSilica Ltd 218-Jan-2010
A Review of the Recent Development of Temperature Stable Cuts of Quartz for SAW Applications Epson Electronics America, Inc. 029-Jun-2011
A New Method to Improve Performance of Memory Sub-Systems Performance-IP LLC 2711-Apr-2016
A High Isolation Buffer Amplifier Enhancements Mode PHEMT Avago Technologies 006-Mar-2011
A Guided Tour of SimCluster Application Note Avery Design Systems, Inc 412-Mar-2011
[EN] "How do you qualify netlist reduction and circuit extraction?" EDXACT SA 126-May-2011
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