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Austin Was An Amazing DAC…EDA Is Heading Toward Another Strong Year & So Is Hiring…Our NEW EDA Recruiting Software Is Up And Running…

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

My moniker White Jacket and I spent three days, morning to night, working DAC. (Check out my new DAC video…  The show was enjoyably close to my hotel (a few scant steps…closest I have ever stayed to a center) and the show itself was remarkably easy to navigate. I was pleasantly gratified that how I reported DAC would be, was pretty much how DAC was.  Overall, I would say the conference was not bad in the least and I dare say for most, pretty spectacular.  DAC is a sort-of stomping ground for adult engineers and Austin (a “weird” stomping ground on its own) allowed a lot of us to do some serious stomping after the engineering talk stopped.


New Company/Candidate Recruiting Software Changes Everything…Seems Like More Parties @ DAC @ Everybody’s Coming…

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

This is a story about exactly why EDA changes everything (albeit down the line) and how software continues to permeate every corner of our business and professional life. I remember when I was first drafted into EDA as a recruiter.  The infamous and back then well known Bob Gold said enough with deciding, debating what your next venture is going to be…it is time for you to get back in the game and I have the perfect opportunity for you.  Famous last words they were.

I had just left a considerable web development company in 96-97 where I was the VP of Marketing.  This thing called the Internet was exploding and we were waiting on 150 million dollars in funding, as we were one of the hottest development companies in the country.   Problem was, we waited and waited and grew and grew in anticipation and when the money did not come, well that ended that.  Fortunately I had a few successes in Sales and Marketing in my life and wanted the next opportunity to be the right one.  When Bob said let’s do this, I will make you a partner, I decided to give it a shot as I knew I could make a significant contribution.  I understood IT and had developed software before, so I thought this could work.  I had no clue how complex EDA was and how much learning was awaiting me.  Never did I think I would be the “go to recruiter” for EDA, one of the most complex areas of recruiting.


What Are THEY Saying About DAC Austin…Is Hiring As Strong In 2013…My White Jacket Is Being Pressed for DAC!

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

DAC is being held out of California…sounds like a “hear all about it” headline.  The actuality is that DAC, out of California, is not an anomaly; DAC has left California before.  I can remember the sweltering heat of summer in Vegas and the parties all around the French Quarter of New Orleans to mention a few.  Austin has waited patiently for us so now it is your turn to shine. After all, Austin is probably the second largest hub of tech business in the country.  DAC is doing a great job setting the stage for the High Tech conference by making absolutely sure that the smartest brains in the world know that Austin is a great place to party.

Yes, there is good reason to go to Austin beyond the music and parties.  It is a smart move on the part of the DAC management to show there…most folks that I talk to are indeed going.  I have never been to Austin, and I dare say might never have gone, as this would not have been my first choice as a vacation destination.  The fact that it looks like a heck of a town makes this an intriguing location and I can dare say, a nice refreshing change. Local Austin engineers that have not had the fortune to go to DAC in California will now have the opportunity, as it sits in their backyard.  The DAC Company roster is not noticeably missing anyone and in fact has a fair amount of new exhibitors.  We already know that we will never see the DAC exhibit floor anywhere near its past size but it is not size that matters; it is the amount of exhibitors and all of you that decide to attend. After all, it is the support of the community that makes for a great show. The customers that exhibitors want to see will all be there, and on that you can wager.  I have not heard anyone say to me, “Mark, XYZ is not going to attend because it is in Austin”.


H-1 Visa’s EDA Industry Survey Results, A Lot to Learn About What Might Be Coming…My New (can’t miss) Video Interview…

Thursday, April 11th, 2013



Make sure to check out my new video on…I think you will enjoy it…


First let me be clear that this is not an “official” survey nor are the questions or results meant to do anything more than give all of us a general idea of the H-1B visa process.  I wanted to bring some attention, information, and the experiences of others to your attention.  I am also infusing some of the conversations going on currently in government as it relates to these issues and questions.

One of our biggest challenges for start-ups (there are so many) is finding talented engineers for our ever-emerging changing industry.  So many great engineers are working in countries like India, China (and throughout Asia), the EU and elsewhere.  I am constantly getting phone calls and resumes from people living abroad that want to bring their talents to US companies and while I would love to be able to help do that, I am helpless. Because of the lack of H-1’visas and companies to sponsor as well, I must place them in their country of origin, not always an easy task.


What’s the XFACTOR, Best Solutions for Technical Interviewing Success…How was DVCON… EDA-Careers Hits the TOP 1% on Linkedin…

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

WOW, the top 1% of viewed profiles on LINKEDIN…actually my profile Mark Gilbert, but they are one and the same…see the award below (though would have preferred something in GOLD)…I am indeed quite excited, imagine anyone in EDA hitting that, let alone this little ol (not old) recruiter.

Last column I wrote about interviewing ideas for Sales folks…this time I am writing specifically to you technical engineering types hoping to help you avoid the simplest of interviewing calamities.  It is absolutely amazing how many candidates, regardless of experience and accomplishment, make the most basic mistakes that cost them a second interview.  So read this and take it to the bank…my advice will make a huge difference in your probability of having a successful interview.


What Start-Ups Most Look For When Hiring Sales Professionals…DVCON, ISQED Coming…

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

This month I am going to specifically focus on a very particular segment of hiring… SALES…or as they are called in EDA, Account Managers, Bread Winners, Money Makers, The Engine, The trouble for R&D Guys, The pain to AE’s and so on.  There are lots of descriptions and levels when it comes to Sales people; depending on the company, the functionality can vary greatly.  Titles do not always tell the whole story; that holds especially true in a Start-Up.  A VP of Sales can (in essence) be the same as a bag-carrying Account Manager, (again especially in a start-up) as he/she might be the only person “selling” in the company.  I am going to cover a few areas of expertise for Account Managers this month.  Please realize that the job and title can vary greatly from company to company.  The question I am going to try and answer (and by-the-way, I ask for your additional input by adding comments) is “what should a hiring manager or the CEO (and all those involved) be looking for in a good Account Manager”.  This in part is also how any good Account Manager should prepare for their interviews as well.

First, the obvious…Every good Account Manager should have a decent track record of customer satisfaction and the reference accounts to prove it.  In addition, a strong candidate should demonstrably show a clear demonstration of selling skills and style.  Of course, Personality plays strongly into this area…if you do not know how to engage your customers, build rapport and gain their trust, it will be difficult for them to want to give you their business.  I can promise you that every company will look for this component in their very first interview!


What Makes This Column SO Different Than The Rest and How Did It All Start… Industry Growth and Employment Is Up…

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

If you know me or follow my column, you know that I am not an EDA Soothsayer…I do not do technical flow charts like Gary Smith, or tool comparisons like Cooley, or technical writing like Penny, Nenni, Russ or Gabe. I am just a guy that talks to a lot of EDA people day in and day out…Company heads to worker-bees at every level…I talk and talk, I listen and I learn. This is how I decide what to write for the only NON-TECHNICAL column in EDA and why my column is one of the most read in the industry.

As I celebrate my wonderful 6-year relationship as a columnist with EDACafe, I reflected about how this column came about and the incredible success it has achieved. I thought a little background might be relevant and interesting. Before EDA I was serving as the VP of Marketing for a major Internet Start-up, one of the first in the world. (Almost before the developer of the Internet, Al Gore). We were developing these things called WEBSITES for companies like Pepsi and Pizza Hut, (to name just a few of our Fortune 500 client base). We met the misfortune that many a start-up before and after has experienced. The 150 Million promised never came and that was the end of what could have been the beginning of something great.


Extraordinary Year For EDA In So Many Ways…EDA Is more alive than ever…Is This The Best Time To Consider New Career Options?

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Last year we had a BILLION DOLLAR Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) year with some incredible acquisitions.  2012 has been no different.  While it will be almost impossible to replicate the mergers of 2011, 2012 stands as a close contender and a reminder that EDA IS MORE ALIVE AND WELL than in a heck of a long time.

Not only did we have some surprising acquisitions, we also had a record year in hiring.  In addition, sales for EDA seem to be at levels perhaps never seen before or if so, certainly not for a while.  In late 2010, early 2011, I predicted that we were entering the period where the countering of the axiom was beginning…the complete pendulum shift on hiring was starting to occur.  During that time it was a complete hiring dream for companies…too many job seekers, with not enough jobs.  As hiring in 2011 continued its growth and 2012 cemented it,  The polar opposite happened exactly as I predicted…too many jobs and not enough qualified candidates.  Understand, there will always be candidates looking, some having more success than others, but that does not negate the fact that hiring is clearly happening and quite strong in EDA.


What Are The Advantages Of Using A Focused Recruiter…How Was The ARM Conference In SJ…

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

I have discussed the merits of using a recruiter before realizing that some might think that I am,  in effect, selflessly advocating using me…but honestly (well not 100% honestly) that is not my sole intent.  Even if (for some unknown remote, unimaginable reason) I am not your recruiter of choice (that was said for a laugh even if it had a ring of truth), there are strong reasons to substantiate using a qualified committed recruiter.  They say (in legal circles) that a person who represents him/herself has a fool for a client.  I would respectfully argue that the same could hold true for someone seeking a new opportunity and representing him or herself independently.  Of course there are legitimate exceptions, such as strong direct contacts or if  you are solicited directly by the company or by someone whom you have a strong previous relationship.

So, forget my seemingly selflessness and instead think about the logic of some of the following:

Submission through a website or through a recruiter…

Think about how many resumes come to a company through their website…you have no ability to follow up, no one to contact and no idea if they ever even looked at your resume.  Now think about what happens when you go though a recruiter who sent it in to a direct contact with whom he/she can call, email and follow up.  Which do you think works to your advantage?


Hiring Is Happening At A Record Pace…How Do You Gauge Success For A Start-Up? Thanks For The Nice Words About My Aart Interview…

Monday, September 24th, 2012

What a year this is shaping up to be…EDA start-ups seem to be thriving and that is indeed great news for EDA.

Before I continue, I just want to thank you for your wonderful calls and emails regarding my column about the C.O.B. (now Co-Chair) of Synopsys, Aart de Geus.  His openness and candor made it so wonderful to write about him and so many of you said you gained insight to the man behind the giant purple moniker…well so did I.

It is refreshing to see how business and hiring have improved in EDA over the last 15+ months.  Virtually all of my companies (close to 40) have (for the most part) told me that overall things are positive.  Hiring for the last 2 years has been better than it has in many a year and, while no one is ecstatic, overall most are feeling pretty darn good.  I have to chuckle because now when I am asked my most asked question… “How is the job market” (which I am asked probably 3-4 times a day), I can gladly respond “better than it has been in many years”.  Overall, the past 2 years have been strong.  2011 was an amazing year for my company EDA-Careers and 2012 has been even stronger.


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