["adc, 12b","adc, 1553","adc, 1588","adc, 16-bit 80251 Microcontroller Core","adc, 2 Lanes","adc, 24 bit 96dB Dynamic Range","adc, 256-bit SHA Cryptoprocessor Core","adc, 25G","adc, 2xHCI","adc, 32-bit ARC","adc, 4 Lanes","adc, 802.3bj","adc, A\/D Converter (ADC)","adc, A429","adc, ADAS","adc, Advanced Encryption Standard Core","adc, AES","adc, AES 100G","adc, AES CCM GCM CMAC CMAC 802.1ae","adc, AES G2","adc, AES G3","adc, AES video","adc, AES-CCM","adc, AES-GCM 10G","adc, AES-GCM 1G","adc, AES-GCM 40G","adc, AES-GCM Authenticated Encrypt\/Decrypt Core","adc, AHB Cache Controller Core","adc, AHB2","adc, AHB3","adc, AMBA","adc, AMBA 2 AHB","adc, AMBA 2.0 AHB Verification IP","adc, AMBA 2.0 AHB VIP","adc, AMBA 3 AHB","adc, AMBA 3 AHB-Lite Verification IP","adc, AMBA 3 AHB-Lite VIP","adc, AMBA AHB3","adc, AMBA APB","adc, AMBA APB Verification IP","adc, AMBA APB VIP","adc, AMBA ATB","adc, AMBA ATB Verification IP","adc, AMBA ATB VIP","adc, AMBA AXI3","adc, AMBA AXI3 Verification IP","adc, AMBA AXI3 VIP","adc, AMBA AXI4 Verification IP","adc, AMBA AXI4 VIP","adc, AMBA Familly","adc, Analog","adc, APB","adc, applications","adc, ARC","adc, Arinc","adc, Arinc 429","adc, ATB","adc, Audio Codec","adc, Automotive","adc, Automotive Ethernet","adc, AVB","adc, avionics","adc, Avionics","adc, Avionics protocol","adc, avionics protocol","adc, AXI","adc, AXI3","adc, AXI4","adc, Bandgap Voltage Reference","adc, Baseline and Extended JPEG Decoder","adc, Baseline and Extended JPEG Decoder Core","adc, Baseline and Extended JPEG Encoder Core","adc, Baseline JPEG Encoder Core","adc, bch","adc, BD 2 Lanes","adc, BD 4 Lanes","adc, Bluetooth","adc, BTLE","adc, Camera Front-End Processor Core","adc, CAN 2.0 & CAN-FD Reference Design","adc, codec","adc, Configurable","adc, Configurable 16-bit 80251 Microcontroller Core","adc, Controller","adc, Controller and PHY","adc, Core","adc, CSI","adc, CSI-2","adc, CSI2","adc, D-PHY","adc, DAC","adc, DAC correction filter signal processing","adc, DDR","adc, DDR3","adc, DDR3\/2 PHY","adc, DDR3\/3L Memory Controller","adc, DDR3L","adc, DDR4","adc, decoder","adc, Decoder","adc, demodulation","adc, demodulation dvb s2","adc, Device controller","adc, DFI","adc, DFI3.1","adc, display controller","adc, DPHY","adc, DRBG","adc, DSI","adc, DSP","adc, Dual role","adc, dvb","adc, dvb cid","adc, DVB QAM digital video broadcast","adc, DVB-S2","adc, dvb-s2x","adc, DVB-S2X Demodulator","adc, DVB_S2X","adc, dwipk_csi2host_dphy_arc","adc, dwipk_ethrntqos_xlnxphy_pcie","adc, dwipk_hdmi20rx_rxphy_arc","adc, dwipk_hdmi20tx_txphy_arc","adc, dwipk_pcie2ep_c6gphy_pcie","adc, dwipk_pcie3ep_xlnxphy_pcie","adc, dwipk_pcie3rc_xlnxphy_arc","adc, dwipk_ufshost_mphy_pcie","adc, dwipk_umctl2_eddr3phy_arc","adc, dwipk_umctl2_eddr4phy_arc","adc, dwipk_umctl2_g2multphy_arc","adc, dwipk_usb30device_ssphy_arc","adc, dwipk_usb30device_ssphy_pcie","adc, dwipk_usb30host_ssphy_arc","adc, dwipk_usb30host_ssphy_pcie","adc, EM SEP 32-bit processor","adc, embedded vision","adc, eMMC","adc, eMMC 5.0","adc, eMMC 5.1","adc, Encoder & Decoder","adc, ethernet","adc, Ethernet","adc, EW","adc, Explorer","adc, fec","adc, Few Time Programmable","adc, Flash","adc, for AHB Core","adc, FPGA","adc, GF 28nm HPP18","adc, grid","adc, GUNZIP\/ZLIB\/Inflate Data Decompression Core","adc, GZIP\/ZLIB\/Deflate Data Compression Core","adc, H.264","adc, H.264 Video Over IP \u2013 HD Decoder Subsystem","adc, H.264 Video Over IP \u2013 HD Encoder Subsystem","adc, h.265","adc, Hardware RTP Stack for JPEG","adc, HDMI 2.0","adc, HEVC\/H.265 Main Profile Decoder Core","adc, High 10 Intra Profile Encoder","adc, hsr","adc, http:\/\/www.curious-jp.com\/en\/pdf\/datasheet\/CL11021IP680E_r100_outline.pdf","adc, I2C","adc, I2C Bus Slave Controller","adc, I2C Verification IP","adc, I2C VIP","adc, ieee","adc, IP core","adc, IP Prototyping Kit","adc, IPSEC 1G RFC 4303","adc, ISO 26262","adc, JEDEC UFS","adc, Key Expander Core","adc, LDO","adc, ldpc","adc, ldpc ccsds AR4JA decoder encoder","adc, ldpc ccsds decoder encoder","adc, LDPC OTN 10G 40G","adc, low latency","adc, Low-Latency AVC\/H.264 Baseline Profile Decoder Core","adc, Low-Power AVC\/H.264 Baseline Profile Decoder Core","adc, Low-Power AVC\/H.264 Baseline Profile Encoder Core","adc, Low-Power AVC\/H.264 Main Profile Encoder Core","adc, LPDDR4","adc, M-PHY","adc, MAC","adc, MACsec IEEE802.1AE","adc, MACsec IEEE802.1AE 10G","adc, Medium Density","adc, memory prefetch","adc, memory request","adc, Mil-Std-1553","adc, MIPI","adc, MIPI CSI-2 Verification IP","adc, MIPI CSI-2 VIP","adc, MIPI CSI-3","adc, MIPI D-PHY","adc, MIPI Family","adc, MIPI I3C","adc, MIPI M-PHY","adc, MIPI M-PHY Verification IP","adc, MIPI M-PHY VIP","adc, MIPI UniPro","adc, MIPI UniPro Verification IP","adc, MIPI UniPro VIP","adc, Modulator","adc, Motion JPEG Over IP \u2013 HD Video Encoder Subsystem","adc, MPEG Transport Stream Multiplexing & Encapsulation Engine","adc, muktiphy","adc, multi-client","adc, multi-core","adc, multi-link","adc, multi-protocol","adc, multiPHY","adc, NS","adc, NVM","adc, Octal","adc, OSPI","adc, OTG","adc, OTN","adc, pci","adc, PCIe","adc, peripheral","adc, PHY","adc, PipelineZero 32-bit Embedded Processor","adc, power savings","adc, Processor","adc, Processor Core","adc, Programmable Advanced Encryption Standard Core","adc, prp","adc, QSPI","adc, Quad SPI Bus Controller with XIP","adc, Radio","adc, reduce power consumption","adc, redundancy","adc, reed","adc, request optimizer","adc, RNG","adc, RX","adc, s2","adc, s2x","adc, S80251XC3","adc, SATA","adc, SD\/SDIO","adc, seamless","adc, Secure Hash Algorithm Cryptoprocessor Core","adc, Sensor","adc, Sensor IP","adc, SERDES","adc, SerDes","adc, SHA-3 Secure Hash Function Core","adc, smart","adc, smart card","adc, SMBus Controller","adc, SMIC40LL","adc, solomon","adc, space qualified","adc, storage","adc, Super-Fast","adc, SuperSpeed USB","adc, switch","adc, Test & Repair IP for embedded memories","adc, TFT-LCD-CTRL","adc, TFT\/LCD Display Controller","adc, Thermometer","adc, Tiny","adc, TSMC 28 HPC","adc, TSMC 40G18","adc, TSN","adc, TX","adc, UFS","adc, UFS 2.0","adc, UFS 2.0 Verification IP","adc, Ultra-Fast AVC\/H.264 Baseline Profile Encoder Core","adc, Ultra-Fast AVC\/H.264 Main Profile Encoder Core","adc, Ultra-Fast Baseline and Extended JPEG Decoder Core","adc, Ultra-Fast Baseline and Extended JPEG Encoder Core","adc, Ultra-Small 8051-Compatible Microcontroller IP Core","adc, UniPro","adc, USB","adc, USB 2.0","adc, USB 2.0 xHCI","adc, USB 2.0 xHCI Verification IP","adc, USB 3","adc, USB 3.0","adc, USB 3.0 Verification IP","adc, USB 3.0 VIP","adc, USB 3.1","adc, USB 3.1 Verification IP","adc, USB PD","adc, USB-IF","adc, USB2","adc, video","adc, Video DAC","adc, VIP","adc, Virtex UltraScale","adc, Wireless","adc, wireless equalizer LMS","adc, wireless equalizer Viterbi","adc, wireless PSK demodulator FEC descrambler","adc, xHCI","adc, Xilinx","adc, XTS"]